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This says it all!

I wanted to share a comment made by my wife that she said to me yesterday.

After pointing out that I had already given notice to cancel my mobile phone contract and that I should have remembered, she said in a disgruntled manner"Paul, you really need to do something about your memory"

I was incredulous to say the least.

Now in my wife's defence she doesn't always articulate herself in a way she means but I made it clear how insulting the comment was.

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Yep and I should walk properly too !

Sometimes even those closest to us can drop a clanger and say something without thinking, only realising later that is was totally inappropriate. I have had similar occasions with my partner over cognitive stuff I simply wasn't 'getting' and have let him know how hurtful it feels to be chastised for something you cannot help. Hopefully this will blow over and not be repeated.

I guess nobody's perfect !

Take care, Angela x


Memory loss is a common factor and it is medical fact that will happen.

Please check out my video blog that explains the effect on freinds and family and also what happens during recovery.

Recovery :

Friends and family:


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