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Traumatic brain injury.



I'm new to this site as I've just discovered it. My dad has suffered a tbi. He had a craneanactomy at the weekend to relive the pressure in his head.

I would like any advice on how to deal with this and what support I can find to help my family and I.

Thank tou

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are you still on flostan

Flostan in reply to steve55



Hi, sorry to hear about your dad but you will find this site really helpful. May I suggest you look up your local Headway via the Internet. I found them so helpful when my husband suffered his sub arachnoid haemorrhage and was seriously ill in hospital.

Also consider looking up your local Carers centre for support for you and your family. They look after unpaid family Carers and often provide practical suggestions and emotional support.

While dad is in hospital try to make sure you all takes short breaks and eat and sleep. I know this can sound obvious but I would t have done any of that if our nephew hadn't looked after me in this respect. It did mean I was better equipped to cope with what ever was thrown at me over the weeks my husband was in hospital.

Hugs. X

Hi Flostan,

As said above loads of useful information here through the knowledge of others. Really helped my after my BI in May this year. Give your local headway centre a call too and see if you can see someone there. N

Craneanactomy, was one of the options for me, apparently. though they chose in the end to manage it.

one of the things my wife did was call her sister to look after her, as I'm sure your acutely aware it's hard waiting and dealing with well wishers.

In other words look after your self, Brain Injuries do tend to be slow to repair. just under 2 years and I'm still getting better, though it has slowed.


Headway for good advice.

You can read all different accounts of what's happened to us, the TBI survivor, and their carers.

You'll read a lot about changed personalities and all sorts of effects we'd sooner not suffer but the fact is that every brain injury however it came about, accident. infection, misuse of substances etc, each persons' experience is different although there are some 'text book' effects/occurrence/results.

Keep an open mind, seek advice from Headway or other professionals and ask on here ... there's always advice here too.


So sorry to hear about your dad.

Definitely contact Headway and look at their website for information. I wish I'd done that much earlier.

Continue to post on here, it really is a lifeline!

You take care and keep in touch xx

Good morning. My husband had the same procedure after his bleed nearly 3 years ago. He managed so well for around 7 months, until they replaced the skull bone. You just have to take extra care (he wore a special helmet in case of falls) as obviously the operation site is very vulnerable. The scars looks scary, but we told the grandchildren he had been bitten by a shark, which went down very well....Grandad the hero!!

3 years on, his scars are still visible, in fact he likes to keep his hair short so as they can be seen, and people don't think there is nothing wrong with him.

As others have said before, the people at Headway are your best contacts for information and support, we could never have managed without them.

All the very best for the future, it will be a long road, but things will get better.

Very best wishes, Molly


The Headway contact information is in a pinned post either at the bottom or on the side of this page.

My thoughts are with you and your family.

As everyone has said....while your dad is in hospital you must get as much rest as you can. You could ask the staff if your dad will be offered rehab when he leaves hospital.

If you have any questions we are here.



Thank you every one that posted. I'll defiantly be contacting headway.

Welcome to the site.

I think everything has been covered already!

I am just over two and a half years, post TBI, and if Iloilo back, I can see improvement over the last year.

We have to quietly work our brain to get it functioning again,but not too hard as the Fatigue gets to us quickly.

Good luck, and all the best.

Debs. 😘😉

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