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PIP points! - defines standard & enhanced rates!


I thought I would share with you, but you all may already know! The PISS ( Sorry but they are beginning to p.... Me off) 😜PIP points I have found out from a Macmillan benefits advisor I today is:

PIP scoring system is defined As:

Standard rate: 8 points

Enhanced rate: 12 points

I am battling to save my blue badge , which I will be losing next month due to their p... Poor PIP system. Ironically they have scored me on my physical difficulties, but 0 on all cognitive issues, which I have medical evidence, but I will my blue badge as Only scored. 10. The system is mad! I have asked for mandatory decision process, which I was informed could take 8-9 weeks, if no, next process is appeal & last but not least tribunal.

They very speedy at writing to you with their decision , and have four weeks' notice of your benefits being reduced!


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They really are dreadfull pen pushing,non understanding.about ANY health issues.non qulaifed bunch of petty beruracts ever! i sincerly hope you do get keep youre blue badge

Sem2011 in reply to razyheath43

Thank you Razy! It is completely farcical ! The girl who assessed me had no medical training, just there to ask questions, and type notes up.

I had a miracle recovery. I got nil points.

That was for ESA.

Sem2011 in reply to Danslatete

That is pants! You could apply for PIP. I know I have just damned the process, but my neurologist said a great number of his patients are appealing ATOS decision. I am sorry you had bad experience. The system is totally inadequate . The girl who assessed me was just an admin person. No understanding!

pleasure always good to have a rant about things!

sem2011 you need 8 points for your mobility for your blue badge...and wait for it ......a bus pass.....been trying to make sense of that one.

standard and enhanced are for the monetary benefits you receive

Sem2011 in reply to steve55

Thanks Steve. I worried I would struggle to gain another blue badge as I was on high rate mobility of DLA , and appealing on my PIP decision. And a bus pass. I never knew that

steve55 in reply to Sem2011

only got four for the physical assessment but yeh you need 8 to get a bus pass as well.

Sem2011 in reply to steve55

Sorry to hear that. The system is crazy. I scored 10 for mobility and 0 for cognition / brain damage., despite two reports stating neurological deficits. My mandatory process, first step process of the appeal for PIP popped in the post today. How do you fare ?

hi sem2011 thought id leave it before asking how every thing turned out ?

Sem2011 in reply to steve55

hI Steve

Failed mandatory reconsideration, failed appeal, now the boxing gloves are off with a face to face fight off, at first 20 weeks now increased to 30 weeks wait. I would not be surprised if time increases again!

iluvroxnsky in reply to Sem2011

how did you get on? did you have a representative at the tribunal?

I won at tribunal. I believe you cannot have a professional with you, but I had my partner . Ifyou can gather all evidence from professionals, that helped.

Good luck, how did you fare?

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