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At the end of the day,

After everything that we have been through in our lives,

Even we carry more high spirits and are more positive about the goals that we can achieve than most people!

Some people my age (20) are just so down about everything, everything is the end of the world! I know we all have bad days I think that we TBI survivors know that more than anyone, but for gods sake cheer up it could be so so much worse! Everything happens for a reason!

Even after everything I have been through and are still going through I still believe that what happened happened for a reason and I love every aspect of the new me! I can achieve what I want to achieve and if not more than I could before!

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Excellent. It so nice to have you say that!

I am eternally saying to myself, 'how lucky I am'.

The bad moments still come and go, but at least I have had a good life behind me, and one day, I will know what I want from the 'new' one!

Well done for your positive attitude!



Thank you for this post, Huwbo. I am going to show it to my daughter (23) who also suffered a severe TBI although hers was more recent. You know, one of her favourite phrases before her accident was "Everything happens for a reason." I have reminded her of this a few times since but hearing it from someone nearer to her age who experienced a similar trauma might carry a bit more weight. She's not yet at the point where she can embrace the new 'her'. She's still grieving the loss of the old 'her' and hoping 'she' will come back some day soon. I understand that acceptance will take time.

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Glad to hear you're great attitude and positive outlook!


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