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This post has be very interesting to read thank you for asking. I have been told I have an awkward walking gait due to my BI (when I was 2 I am now 30)

I have had so so many problems with shoes over the years at school I wanted high heels because all the other girls wore them I got some could I walk in them.............no!!

These days I wear trainers most of the time and my flat work shoes I now find I can't wear heels at all.

I wear orthotics in my shoes too but I can't have them made by the NHS because the box of foam they use makes my feet spasam so my mother and I have just spent £248 on some new ones made with a digital scan of my feet but this was private hence why it cost me that much!

I recommend getting some orthotics if you can just to try and a decent pair of trainers if you can wear them

Ali x

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