Longest 24hrs

Hi all fonally feeling a little better after having caught a 24 hour sickness bug......that has knocked me off my feet for three days.

24hours of bodily fluids escapeing from both ends eas nooooo joke. Then again feeling absolutley exhausted for two days wasnt much better. At last all seems well and back to my normality.

maybe I should call it a 3 day bug ....know theres a thought.

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Am pleased to hear that your sickness bug is resolving. Sounds like you've had a really tough time.


I started feeling rough last night and what a relief it was to wake up with a cold this morning after fearing it might be a sickness bug.

I dread them so much as I can't keep my blood pressure meds down, and that's a big problem when these type of bugs send it sky-high anyway.

I'm sorry you've had a rotten few days Paxo and, as you've mentioned, it takes another couple of days to recover.

So glad you're feeling better now though ! :-/

Love Cat xx


Yep thats the problem with a sickness bug ...it knocks your meds.

Was left in agony but had no energy so found it hard to continue daily routine exercises.

Slowly getting back to normal and regaining mobility. Must say colds do a simular things.

Feeling better and sorry to hear about you getting a cold hope you get better soon.


Thanks Paxo. I've been coughing all day & feeling pretty grim. Funny how it gathers momentum at bedtime, but I still prefer this to a sicky bug every time.

Comforting isn't it to compare notes & get a little sympathy for a change ! :o

Take care, Cat xx


I hope you are gobbling Zinc and Vitamin C, Cat and are able to get some decent rest : )

Angela x


Yes thanks Angela, I take a multivitamin every day together with 1000mg cod-liver-oil.

Sounds silly I suppose but, after feeling I was coming down with something on Friday, it was such a relief realising it was a cold and not the dreaded sickness virus.

Really hope things are improving for you work-wise.

Love Cat xx


Sorry to hear you're not feeling too good, Cat, hope you feel much better soon.

Love Alice xx

PS are your forget -me- nots still in bloom?


Thanks so much Alice. I'm going to take a walk into town to collect a parcel ; it's such a beautiful day and some fresh air might do some good. Might have to rest afterwards though. :o

The forget-me-nots are still standing their ground although starting to fade slightly in colour. I shall pull them all up after they've seeded & there'll still be hundreds again next year.

Hope you're doing ok ; thought I'd message you tonight when I take my laptop to bed !

Talk later I hope. :-/ xxx


Was good to chat! Night, night zzzzzzzzzzz


Anyone else's brain, memory, thinking, WORSE after fever/flu - or whatever I had 2 years ago?

Should we all worry about catching bad bugs = avoid public places MORE?


The only good thing about these bugs is once they are done they can leave you feeling that maybe your normality isn't quite as bad as it might be...

ok so that rose tinted perception really does only last about 24 hrs, but still.

Glad you came through it and are feeling better


Ugh poor you. Hope you feel better with each passing day.


Glad you're feeling much better.

The only good things about us getting any minor illness is that our normality (even if diminished ) seems so much better when we get back to it.

Love n hugs


Thanks for the warning ,Paxo !

Really hoping it runs out of steam before it hits my postcode !

It seems that for many of us,viruses have a harsher effect than before BI.

So glad to hear the fountain impressions have ceased and you are on the mend : )

Angela x


Hi Paxo

Glad you are feeling much better now. Sickness bugs are horrible.

Give yourself time to get your strength back and recover now xx


Been a fair bit of it about hasn't it?

Any one else find they seem to get ill easier and more often?


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