So I went for a check up on Friday on my brain toumer and everything is A ok. the space where the toumer is is now being replaced with cist bubbles which is a good thing. Due to having radiotherapy its knocked my eyes out of sync. After a couple of years of doctors saying "It'll sort its self out" now there saying "they might do, but there's nothing we can do about it" :( I'm not bothered that I have to have one eye covered up as I am used to it i'm more bothered about the amount of people who comment on saying "Your glasses have steamed up" AAARRRGGG!!!!! My friends son is an optician so going to see him and see if he can do something with the lenses, so it dosnt look steamed up to other but does to me.

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I always had brilliant eyesight 'til I had the SAH then I started to notice problems, especially with reading. But it turned out to be a coincidence as cataracts have been found which , of course, cannot be removed 'til they're 'ripe'.

No specs. have helped, but I can now read again with the aid of a bar magnifier from he RNIB which is priceless 'til I can have the op.

Have you considered tinted glasses to make your patch less obvious ?

Sight is just another thing we take for granted 'til it's threatened, then it has a serious impact on our state of mind, especially when it happens on top of other serious issues. I hope things improve for you in the near future Nic.

Best wishes Cat x


Afterthought :- I might be tempted to customise the unused lens with enamel paint in a tasteful design of my choice ; make a feature of it.

That would really give people something to comment on . . . . . .

and with only one lens, maybe get the specs 1/2 price ? :-/


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