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i haven't posted in a long time but really wanted to share this with you all! it's the first i've heard from of it

from the teacher in my memory class at BASIC, manchester and i'm finding it so relevant to my TBI.

ADYNAMIA following brain injury is related to difficulties with ability to initiate or start activity, and to the ability to keep going to finish an activity or task.

i found this incredibly interesting! since my head injury me and the people around me, personal and professional, have been pegging it all down to depression. not being able to get out of bed, start anything, complete anything. sound familiar? spent a year being treated for depression and on antidepressants and feeling so so awful.

here's some more information


of course it's all about organisation and routine!

hope this helps some people.

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  • Hi inney,that's interesting,will be looking this up.Are you off the antidepressants now and feeling an improvement?

  • i came off of antidepressants a couple of months ago after a manic weekend of not knowing where to get any advice for this kind of thing. i called everyoneeeee! and a doctors appointment in a few days time was an unimaginable option. after coming off of them i've felt less NUMB which has been really important in seeing the good that's around me, and with a lot more energy to work on self help.

    definitely gonna keep adynamia in my mind.

  • Hey inney

    I'll take a look at the link, glad coming off them is working for you

    You'll have to tell me more about that memory class at basic, cos I'm a Manchester gal and I've been there, only a couple of times though

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