BI related

Just decided to get up off my bum and do something which was have a shower smelly lazy cow I know ;)

I have just realised I'm not capable of (TMI warning) shaving/putting deodorant under my right arm without looking in the bathroom mirror

Also being blonde I don't have eyebrows of hagrid proportions (Harry potter reference) but they needed tending to LOL! I cannot pluck my right eyebrow I cannot see to do it but I can do my left albeit a bit clumsily and using one hand to steady the other (I'm left handed but I have left sided weakness/altered sensation)

I also can't put earrings in my right ear at all - I have to get someone else to!

This makes me wonder whether I ever wash under my right arm in the shower because it's almost a case of out of sight out of mind

If I dobt I must be wondering around like a total stinkbomb because I have anosmia (no sense of smell) since BI


Maybe that's why the boyf went out :-D 8-)

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  • I empathise with some of this and sympathise with all, and when you're dealing with it daily it's not at all funny. But seeing it in print, I can't hold myself responsible for giggling ! :o

  • I giggled as I was typing it too

    Haha ! It's such a case of laughing or crying about it

    That's a lie because sometimes I do both ! :-D



    "The other day I HANDED my spouse some flowers. She said they were beautiful but because of Her ANOSMIA she could not smell how sweet they were. I grabbed her by the ARM, pulled her toward me and said into her EAR "The DEODERANT I am wearing smells better than the flowers." She said to me "Don't forget I am LEFT-HANDED" and I said "So what". The end."

  • Hi Emma.

    Ill gladly volunteer to shower you but, to be thorough, i better get in it with you. LOL

  • Hahahaha LOL

  • Hi Emma.

    Ill gladly volunteer to shower you but, to be thorough, i better get in it with you. LOL

  • have you got a bath? i found a bath at least in the early days much easier though my wife needed to help me, out! there is nearly a foot height differnce, so how she managed that....

  • I agree with rodger.. if you funds stretch get someone in to do the brows and nails..

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