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Pretty please with sprinkles and a cherry on top could you split up your typing into paragraphs and preferably paragraphs with a gap between?

I have vision problems and find it really hard to read big paragraphs without it making me feel nauseous and dizzy

if you hadn't noticed i sometimes use my gaps to indicate commas and full stops and also a change of topic

This is because I can't see full stops and commas on my keyboard/keypad :(

I know I'm not the only one who struggles with this problem

I just feel awful if I'm interested in a post or if I have some helpful tips and advice and I'm left with no choice but to abandon reading

Sorry to be a moaning myrtle

Emma xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

EDITED NOTE - only if you are able to !!!

I totally understand if you don't remember to do so

Or indeed if you are unable to split up paragraphs

I certainly won't ignore you if you don't It just might take me a little longer to write a response as I might have to leave it and come back again

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good point & sorry if I don't always. Hubby has the same problem reading long paragraphs as you so I should be more aware. Thanks for making it known.

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Thank you for understanding :)

Emma x


Will do Emma.

As you say if we do not know we cannot change



Will do, vision problems suck xxx


Thank you :) xxx





I'm kidding,

You're not moaning, it is totally understandable.

When reading, if I am tired I could end up reading a sentance and then read the same sentance again when I am supposed to read the next sentance.

I can't always judge the levels of sentences.

Spacing them out does help a lot though :).






N o w o r r i e s, m a t e : )


Trouble is being one of those who probably are at fault for long sentences and paragraphs - it is how it spills out for me and to do any different also requires cognitive abilities which I struggle with and the demand makes me fatigued. So I guess whichever way it is this is how we are and changing it is not so simple. Sorry my only other option is to leave the sight if my responses and posts are causing others a problem?


Oh no strawberry don't leave the site

Im actually going to edit my post

It wasn't intended to be a rant

I'm sorry if it seemed that way



You are not the first to ask that I write differently so I guess that's why my sensitivity has got to the point of thinking if it's a problem to others, I can't help it so I best butt out. We are all struggling with BI problems and they are unique to each of us but I thought there was an understanding of that here. Just like you can't change the way your brain struggles to understand great chunks of written word with long sentences - for me I would have to work harder to change that if I could - otherwise if my cognitive abilities were in my control why am I on here anyway. This isn't meant to be a rant either but my sensitivity button has been pressed and I've gone off like a rocket. So I will now take a break and when I have been able to move on from this conversation (I have rigidity of thought and get stuck on issues) I will read posts and participate once more. Please do not be offended by what I have written as not intended it is me that is the problem because of over reacting and going into orbit. x

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My Grandad used to type in upper case letters all the time. It wasn't a problem for him nor me seeing it but for other people, it was a problem.

Writing words in upper case letters generally means you are shouting at a person.

If I said "get off my property" in an angry way, I would likely have to spell it like "GET OFF MY PROPERTY!!".

I have witnessed some people, mostly Zeblet, write whole posts/comments in capital letters.

It is not a problem though. I can take it and I am sure others can, you must hold a lot of stress, Zeb haha. I'm joking of course.


I r'mber Zeblet once apologised for upper case and wanted people to know she wasn't shouting but had visual problems.

Minefield isn't it! Altho we all have BI we are affected differently. I am like Emma and find I lose the line in big chunks of text. But people who are only able to type like that are totally accepted and understood. :)


sorry if my posts have caused problems to Emma and anyone else.

Will try to remember to cut it up.

I tend to verbosity just my style.

Feel free to remind me if I revert. (A gentle tap on the nose )

Strawberry Cream sorry you were triggered. Please return as you will be missed.

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While we have common issues we also have specific problems and just being aware of them and trying to be sensitive to the needs of others is probably the best we can do.

I am guilty of the long post and will try to break them up

I find all caps really hard to read but appreciate that others NEED them

We should not feel bad because certain things cause us problems and we should feel free to ask for consideration where it is needed

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sorry i tend to use caps and amnot shouting just easier to read screen gives me problem so sorry where caps have offened any one and am trying to do lower case but cant read what i write when I do :-)


being dyslexic I find a block of text difficult to read and comprehead, so I tend to attempt to come back to such posts, i'm better in the mourning when i'm fully rested. The BI makes me more tired which feeds into the dyslexia at least in the evening.

But I do try to comeback, and reply by the nature of the group what one person has to to do, will make it awkward for another, such is life. i certinly don't wish those who find it difficult to break up their posts to go by any means.

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