Not BI related but a thank you!

Not BI related but a thank you!

Ok so I'm totally going to lose my reputation as a hot headed maniac with a very sharp tongue but

I just wanted to say a massive THANK YOU! Just having you here has made life with a BI less alienating

No matter how vague or angry or weird a question or rant lol there's always somebody here with advice and kind words

So yes you are APPRECIATED very muchly in my case :) :) :)

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  • Ah bless you Emma - it's a 2 way street tho, you are here for us too :)

  • Aww thanks hedgehog xxx

  • Pffft, you're the biggest softie ever... :p

  • Said no one ever LOL


  • Lovely hug received - you can go back to being hot headed anytime you like, we don't have to mention your brief lapse into warm fuzzy snuggle mode. ;)

  • Hahahaha this made me laugh my head off

    I'd better put it back on again ;)


  • I didn't know you as a hot-headed maniac with a very sharp tongue and I don't think I would've wanted to know you if you claimed to be like that so I say I'm glad you lost, or lost a part of you rep :). I am liking who I am talking to now more so please don't revert into what you were :).

    Virtual hugs to you too :).

  • Oh unfortunately the Dr jekyl and miss Hyde are since the TBI but I have never lost my cool on here I've been tested trust me LOL but no you're safe ;)


  • Well I am glad to know that I am safe there :).


  • Thanks Zeblet I was having a mushy moment haha :) x

  • Aww you great big softie!

  • :) haha!

  • xx ;-) :-/ :-) xx

  • :-D ;) 8-) xx

  • Hi Emma, a hug back from me too. K

  • Hug accepted fanks lol xxx

  • I appreciate this online community support also.. Emma That's for the encouragement too

  • We are a lovely lot aren't we?! I think we should now plan our worldwide takeover haha x

  • Mm I think will start by getting my marriage in order.. Then works domination should be simple..

    I changed since the bi .. I trying to keep marriage alive..


  • Mm I think will start by getting my marriage in order.. Then works domination should be simple..

    I changed since the bi .. I trying to keep marriage alive..


  • Oh dear sorry to hear that travehear :(

    I think my 6 year relationship is running its course but for me it will be a good thing when I can finally get the strength to leave

    My BI has given me a weird kind of recklessness and sort of given me the insight not to accept being treated appallingly

    I do hope your marriage works out xx

  • Did you say "wide world takeover"? I always aspirations of taking over the world but never had the confidence haha, kidding :).

  • Hi Emma

    Yup, your reputation has gone flying out the window with the size of that hug ;-)

    'Here here' on your message :-)

  • Hahahaha thanks rachyboo :-D x

  • Thanks Emma, needed that hug!! X

  • dillyd awww bless you xx

  • Mmh! Hot headed maniac, sharp tongued. Not clue a who that is. ;-)

    Virtual hugs are always welcome and cause much less trouble with 'THE WIFE' than the real thing, lol.

    This site is about supporting each other and we all give and take that support when we need itand we always find something that makes us angry and spiteful at times but underneath we're all big softies....... well most of us anyway..... ummm, some of the time anyway..... anyway I like to keep repeating myself anyway..... think it's a memory issue.... anyway time to stop now ;-)

    P.S. I'll keep your soft side secret..... NOT lol.

  • Hahahahaha this made me laugh so hard I had to explain myself :-) x

  • Your a star always and a brighter star at xmas.

  • Awwww seany you are even slushier than me haha you soppy date ;) x

  • Lol, keep it quiet sshhh, all my tattoos hide a big softie under. Enjoy your weekend xxx

  • Thanks, hugs always readily accepted :)

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