Soft Collar it is

So I've been struggling since I got the go ahead to start weaning off of the Philadelphia/hard collar

I had been in it 6 months so it was fair to say that my neck muscles have atrophied to skeletor from he man status

I have not been able to budge from 1:1 off/on hrs and when it's off I quite often have to lie down because it's bloomin agony argh! Also still wearing overnight

Saw GP today abd he's going to get my neurosurgeon to review me and fit a soft collar / refer to physio

Emma x

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Good luck Emma

I hpoe you you get a physio referral soon :)


Thank you hedgehog xx


It does get better but slowly! I like the skeletor reference ;)


It'll be a big step towards healing with a soft collar Emma & the strengthening process should begin to speed up once your poor neck isn't relying on such rigid support.

But, as you have pointed out, it will be especially difficult for you with the weight of your excessive grey matter !!

V.pleased to hear of your progress. ;-) x


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