I got some good news :)

Oh my gosh my neck is now naked and that's exactly how it feels and vulnerable and I look like a lollipop head my poor neck muscles have atrophied to nothing

But Physio can fix that honestly I feel as though I could cry as I type this! Happy tears of course

Basically my GP has chased my Neuro Surgeon and he has said that my neck is back in alignment and the fracture at c6 has healed nicely. I am to try and keep hard collar off for as long as I can at a time but when my neck is painful or tired to put back on he also said that if I'm stuggling he will see me in clinic after a phonecall from my GP and he will fit a soft collar

I am elated now I can purely focus on strengthebing my neck and fixing my brain :)

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  • Great news Emma xx

  • Thank you hedgehog :)

  • What brilliant news Emma !! It's such a truly vulnerable area so please go easy and rest it frequently.

    But I can imagine what a big step this is for you and I'm so, so happy for you.

    xxx :-/ ;-)

  • Hey cat3

    Thank you so much! :) I'm grinning from ear to ear I lasted an hour and a half and had put back on again gonna have bit of a rest and then try again not sure what to do overnight as I move about a lot and I feel a bit vulnerable even though I haven't sleepwalked since my accident I think

    Yes I need to be gentle and not expect miracles feel anxious about seizures and blackouts but can't live rest of my life in a collar

    Hope you are doing ok?

    Xxx :) :)

  • I'm ok thanks Emma. I would sleep in the collar if this is your first day without it, and try to build up muscle strength during the day only, just for the first few days. I was in the same situation after meningitis and it really was a very gradual process.

    I'd also ask for the soft collar and try that for sleeping as a gentler alternative, then try every other night.

    You'll get there Emma ; only problem would be your renowned impatience, so you'll need to discipline yourself young lady !! :o

    Good luck. xx

  • I took your advice and slept with the hard collar on I just wriggle about so much as it was I woke up the wrong way with my head at the foot end !

    It's very achey just from the little stint I did without it and I'm finding it hard to keep my head up straight I fractured the most mobile part of the neck and so all the soft tissues will be slack especially as all my muscles have gone lazy because of being in collar for almost exactly 6 months !

    I need to double check with GP about physio referral because I think the sooner the better

    Glad you are doing ok :)

    Oh yes patience what is that again?

  • I don't think we realise how heavy our heads are 'til our necks pack up . . . . . . . . . no wonder we get tired after carrying such a weight around all day !

    But waking up with your head where your feet should be ; now that's REALLY fidgety, and all part of the 'Emma syndrome' no doubt ? (Mad as a box of frogs in other words !!) :o

    Take good care m'dear. xx ;-)

  • No you are right there although I was putting it down to all my grey matter being so heavy ;)

    Yep I was mad as a box of frogs prior to my tbi and now minus a filter it can only be worse! :o

    You take care too :) xxx

  • I have used those really nice travel neck pillows when I'm sitting in my house or traveling in the car. When I sleep I put the mushi pillow the "mushi " pillow is a pillow with the beads in it. It's small I put it on top of my regular flat pillow it contoures to neck. I hope this is helpful.


  • Haven't commented before but I have been reading your posts re your saga re your collar and apts. That's great news that your GP has supported you by chasing up your Neuro surgeon and at last you can start to gradually wean yourself from the collar. Like you I have also previously worked for the NHS for 28 yrs but now I am the other side as a patient my experience has been diabolical and my GP's agree I have received at best a very poor service. I know you will be keen to rid yourself of the collar Asap but do try and do it gradually and maybe draw up a timetable of increasing time each day over the next 2-3 weeks or so. Good luck that it is onwards and upwards and best wishes too. x

  • Hi strawberrycream

    Thank you :)

    Yes I think thatd a very good idea the timetable thank you

    Sorry to hear you've had such a tough time of it I've probably read about it but I. Afraid I dobt always remember

    Yes I've had numerous experiences as a patient and received amazing care but with this life threatening and life changing event it's been terrible :(

    My GP is brilliabt I'm going to get a thank you card as he's not even my designated GP he's a permanent locum and he's gone above and beyond his duties

    I hope you are doing ok


  • That's fantastic news Emma, really pleased and happy for you, it can only get better for you from here. :)

    Siobhan x

  • Thanks siobhan just got to pace myself you and I are quite alike ;) haha


  • Hi Emma, good news, keep smiling and take it easy.K

  • Thanks k :) x

  • Cool! Great news Emma, the only way is up! The good news stories on here certainly cheer me up! :)

  • Thank you miracleman

    Awww I'm glad to have cheered you up and not with something silly I have done haha ;)

  • That's so good! Very happy for you!! :D

  • Thanks Ben :)

  • Great news! No wonder you are so happy!

  • Hi alice thank you Its a wonderful feeling :)

  • Really happy for you...

  • Thank you iforget

    I hope you are doing ok

  • Brilliant news Emma so glad your neck is back in alignment and you are collar free. Give those neck muscles time to buld up. Enjoy your freedom.

  • Thank you tortie :)

    Haha yes I feel like I've served my sentence and now the implement of torture has been removed

    Hope you are doing ok.

  • Sounds good hopefully the mussels will recover quickly guess depends how long you,ve been in the colour.

  • Hi roger I have been in the collar almost exactly 6 months :(

    I've got a lot of work to do but I know I've got take slowly

    Hope you are doing ok ?

  • Really happy for ya! Your neck must feel like spaghetti though right now. Go easy on it!

  • Hi barny

    Yes it certainly does I feel like I don't have much control of my head but then again it could just be the weight of my brain ;) haha

    Hope you doing ok?

  • That's fabulous news! Have a great weekend, I'm sure you will now.


  • Thanks Andy yes definitely :)

    Hope you are doing ok?

  • I'm very well, thanks. All the better for hearing your news

  • Aww that's kind Andy thank you :)

  • Fantastic news! I got a soft collar to wear a while when I came out the hard one. It's annoying when you have to keep picking your head up with your hands when you can't lift it yourself.

    You'll soon be back to looking up down and all the way around :)

    You might find you need a scarf, I felt very cold after being covered up for months!

  • Yes I already think Im going to need that soft collar like you said I can't lift myself up off the sofa or bed without supporting my neck

    I'm actually really looking forward to being able to wear a scarf ooooooo and necklaces :)

    Hope you are doing ok ?

  • Doing great! Finally caught up with my sleep! Been a very trying week and I'm glad it's the weekend :)

  • Glad to hear it :)

    Rest up and ebjoy the weekend !

  • Brilliant news :-) hope it doesn't get cold now, time to wear lovely scarfs ;-)

  • Hi rachyboo

    Hahaha I can't wait and it's going to be brilliant not having people staring or staring and laughing at me it'll be nice to feel normal :)

    Hope you are doing ok ?

  • Hiya

    Some people can be so cruel, time to whack them with your lovely scarves as you walk past and flick the ends at them ;-)

    Doing ok thanks, feeling the cold a lot now so I may go and purchase some warm scarfs too :-)

  • Hahaha that's a good idea ;)

    Yep great excuse to make some new purchases :)


  • Thank you zeblet :)

  • Hi Lollipop head.

    Emma . Great news , another flag to mark recovery and proof that recovery does happen.

    I would encourage that got so frustrated learning recovery happens at the speed your brain/body will allow. If you don't use it you will not recover. If you push it too hard it will take longer.

    It appears you are doing ok. Keep it up and you will return to the madness of frogs in bags.

    Take it simply and the journey of recovery will occur.


  • That's Awesome news Emma:)

    Hugs- Niyani

  • That is brilliant Emma, onwards & upwards eh ;o)


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