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Don't multitask

Note to self don't multitask it doesn't pay and can leave you with a nasty taste in your mouth

So I was fiimg up the dishwasher and I had an apple in one hand put it down whilst undoing dishwasher tablet packet washed my hands as obviously dishwasher tablets are toxic and I feel vulnerable not having a sense of smell and minimal taste

So better to play safe I'm constantly washing my hands anyway its an OCD trait of mine

Anyway I digress so picked up Apple and picked up dishwasher tablet and promptly took a bite out of the dishwasher tablet

I'm in a world of my own and I'm so distracted when I'm in this funk

Anyway I have washed my mouth out copious times brushed my teeth i didn't swallow any at least

Seriously you'd be forgiven for thinking I make all this stuff up I just can't even

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I had hand/body cream in pump dispenser some time ago and had bought toothpaste in pump dispenser, yup: a mouthful of hand cream, YUK.

I nearly ate berries on shrub in my garden at start (after ABI), they looked just like blueberries. In my haze I thought YUM, just realised (thinking through treacle) in time, slow motion, no... not got... blueberries... in... my .... garden. If bit more injured and think even worse then I'd have eaten them.


Oh gosh at those berries you could have been poisoned doesn't bare thinking about


You do this kind of thing quite often don't you Emma ???

But the good thing is, U always seem t laugh about it which is the way U have t look at these things ;o)


Yes lol I do stace and yes it had been since my accident but I think I'm finding adjustment hard I used to be flying around at a million miles ab hour barely sat down active job active lifestyle and now my body wonders what's hit it and deep in my mind too

I found a banana skin in the cutlery drawer today the bin is below it


Keeping it in a drawer is better than keeping it on the floor - have you seen those Laurel & hardy films ???

I used t be quite active before my head injury as well Emma & I have constantly tried t get back to the person I was pre BI, but after 20 years I've thought t myself, I'd far sooner stay at home & watch Tv (however 'boring' I am - the thing is it's not boring t constantly laugh for near on 4 hours so ...........

Drunken people are boring if U haven't had a drink & I can't drink so.....

Saying that, watching Tv is quite boring because of all the ads & repeats, but I've found a different way t watch Tv (nothing t do with the head injury & is something I'd recommend to everyone.

I have my computer connected to a 42" Tv & watch most of my Tv online via a website (I'm sure there are many but this is the one I use) watchseries.it - It's box sets of just about anything so I'm running through whole series' of things I have enjoyed, right from the beginning - it's like my own UkGold but only things I love.

Every programme that comes on is one of my favourite programmes - It's brilliant ;o)

Mine however has no adverts, is ONLY shows that I really enjoy & is not repeated.

I go through each programme 1 at a time & when I've watched them all, I'll go back & do it again a year or so later & enjoy it just as much.

One of the advantages of having a head injury ;o)

Nah I've got about 20 box sets of programmes I love. Cheers, friends, Outnumbered etc & just watch an episode one at a time, so get a total variation (so it's like the StaceM8 channel & for documentaries, quizzes & the soaps = catchUp baby !!!

As I've said before Emma, I had my HI 20 years ago & have learned so much which I just want to share with other people in the same situation, t save them the sh*t that brain injuries cause. Most of which unnecessarily I believe.

If U have a power nap each time U feel sleepy, (as it goes I now (for the last week, so early on in th trial stages ;o) close my eyes for 500 seconds at a time & do that a few times a day . I also close my eyes when I'm waiting for something, on a bus or train or in the car (but again if it's gonna be for more than 20 minutes I set my alarm in my phone t make sure I don't go into that second stage of sleep.

(talkin of which I'm gonna do that now cos me eyes are feelin sleepy. Back in 500 seconds ;o)

That's better. Back again ;o)

When looking for info on power naps that I could pass on a couple of weeks ago (probably after you yawned at me ;o), I noticed something about naps over 6 minutes have the same refreshing attributes (the effects just don't last as long, hence having several, so I'm now gonna try havin a few hours at night (but when I wake up, I wake up even if it is after an hour), also my 20 min power nap in th afternoon & also close my eyes & count upto 500 seconds if I'm feelin sleepy in between.

Anyway you carry on with the power nap, assuming it worked for you too & I'll let U kno how good this is, cos I am pretty sure it'll work ;o)

The one thing U have t do Emma is ' accept ' your life has changed but realise it can be just as good - U just have to adapt to the person U are now.

As I said, I like Tv the way I watch it but always thought I was boring if I stayed in on a Friday or Saturday night & watched Tv.

Instead I would go out, not drinking, whilst everyone around me was getting drunk, usually not overly enjoy myself just because that's what I thought was 'normal' & is generally accepted by most & I really wanted t get back to normality.

I tried t get back into a work situation constantly having problems, constantly getting things wrong, getting sacked & then going into deep depressions worrying because I would never be ' normal ' again.

I don't want others t have t go through this & only wished I had found this site 20 years ago.

Your BI was relatively recent wasn't it. Remind me t save me going back through your messages ???


Not sure if you've read all of my profile (cos yes, I know it does go on a bit ;o) but I do think it is worth reading but if not I talk about things like how I I retired when I was 35 & just did charity work til I came down here a year ago.

Now I just volunteer at a charity run non-profit making cafe in Hurst green - tea or coffee with a refill for a quid instead of £2.50 per cup (no refill).

Anyway when I got down here, everything was fine for about 6 months & then I heard about a company called ' the Richmond fellowship ' that helps people with disabilities get back into work & the ups n downs started again. That combined with problems with my brother, I could hardly get out of bed for a few days at a time. Be fine for a week or two then a few days in bed when something else went wrong.

Anyway I've knocked that on the head & am just gonna concentrate on the company I've been trying t set up for the last 15 years, but I'll just do that in my own time, no pressure & no outside influences causing me t go down again - this time next year baby ;o)

Sorry, forgot where I was going there - are U trying t get back into work yourself as well ???



Not just yet stace I'm only 6 months post injury and the line of work I am in is tough physically and mentally !

I have read your profile but have to admit to having forgotten most of it but as with everyone else I pop back and jog my memory :)

I admire you for giving everything a shot hopefully I will be able to in time



DON'T rush back & don't expect to be as good as U were before. Make sure people understand that you won't be. You'll need more time & you will make stupid mistakes. You won't remember how t do simple things & your colleagues have t be patient with U & importantly U have t be patient with yourself !!!

You really have to accept that you've had a BI & have to now reconsider your options.

DO NOT go back into what U used t do, thinking you'll pick up where U left off, cos I can almost guarantee U won't. You MUST accept that you've had a life changing incident happen to you.

It's very difficult to accept I kno (& I have tears in my eyes as I write this) because on the surface there are times, like me now, where U feel on top of the world, able to achieve anything but U really won't be able to.

I could say I won't have a really low period again but I'm pretty sure that I will.

You might be fine for a few days but then the reality hits U & you won't be able t do something that was so easy to you before and if you're anything like me, you'll freeze.

You need t chill, relax, have a scone !!! (I love that phrase ;o)

Ask someone t help, don't feel embarrassed, you need t make sure everyone around U understands

It's taken me 20 years to accept this & even now after knowing all this 4 months ago I tried t get back into a work situation now I'm back in Surrey & I was goin up an down like a bloody yoyo.

I've stopped that now & hopefully my brother has more understanding, cos he was another reason for my mood swings.

Anyway I'll leave it there but t recap - DON'T put any pressure on yourself, take things easy & don't go back to work before you're ready, if at all !!!



You have to forgive me stace but because of my memoryproblems I read about five lines and then forgets what has been stated or asked so I have to read all over again so sorry if I miss anything out!

I also get really dizzy when reading sounds weird I know !

I already use watchseries I have been watching all of the American horror series I'm quite picky with what I watch as in it had to be fairly basic as otherwise I csnt follow it also can't have very strong accents because again I can't follow it also on a bad day watching anything will give me motion sickness and the nausea I get is unbearable

I will get back in the gym once I'm ready it's such an important part of my life that I'm not willing to let it go it was bad enough being told never to play contact sport after an ankle and shoulder injuries at different times

I'm 6 months post injury


I understand completely which is why I put a recap at the end to hopefully remind U what I'd said ;o)

A good way to overcome this problem is open up two pages - the message in one & then the reply in the other so you can click between the two.

& Emma stop being hard on yourself especially with someone who understands. Luckily I've never experienced dizziness but I hate reading too. I'll try not to waffle too much ;o)

Ok, contact sport might not be something you'll be able to do, save that to spectating but I'm sure you'll find something you enjoy almost as much.

And with the gym, same thing, don't expect t be as good as U were before your BI - take things gently, especially t start with anyway !!!



No fear of me multi tasking I'm a man ;-)


Hahahahaha :)


What about a power nap ???

Joke Emma & I am sorry if I go on a bit but they have made such a difference my life. Brain injured people have major problems sleeping & sleep deprivation causes other huge problems as U well know.



I had a 20 min power nap today and when I woke up I thought of you lol


& were U pleasantly refreshed ???


these things can be lethal. There is a large campaign in Scotland for parents to keep them out of reach.

I am glad you did not swallow them.

Remember your brain in healing and building new pathways . Life will be interesting just now.

Glad your not poisoned yourself.



Hi Andrew I l ow I need to be more mindful I'm struggling to adjust to taking tgibgs slowly I used to do things at a million miles an hour before accidebt

Hope yu are doing ok



I usually try not and multitask when I'm doing stuff, but I do like to have the flexibility strength to be able to focus on more then one thing in my mind at the same time. For instance, while writing this, I am listening to a great Grateful Dead live version of the Mart Robbins El Paso.

Still occasionally on days, when my mind feels strong, I will try and multitask. The reason I purposely try and this, is too be a get my mind used to doing it, if I ever have too. For instance, if I was in the middle of cooking a meal, and receive a very important phone call, multitasking is necessary. If I didn't practice this skill, I might just end up forgetting that I was cooking, when talking on the phone. Or if it was a longer phone call, and I turned the stove off, I might even forget that I ever had food in the stove at all. Before I taught myself how to multitask, I've already gone to bed, wt cold food still in the stove. I think having the ability to multitask, is an important thing to learn how and when to do.

Now Primus's song The Air Is Getting Slippery' is playing. What a bizarre song :)

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I guess I'm just not quite ready at 6 months post TBI to be multitasking

I will try and remember to practice with less deadly things gosh Im struggling to find the words but

I think you get the gist


There is a big advantage in cooking cold food in that you can't burn your mouth if you forget to blow on it.

Having said that eating a tea bag whilst thinking your eating cold soup is a big disappointment. ;-)


Hahahahaha :)


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