Another laugh at my expense

Another laugh at my expense

Again nothing wrongly ingested

I was mortified at the time but now I see the funny side anyway last Saturday I went to get my hair cut at my friends salon and I'd had a good couple if weeks build up to the event which I was dreading for various reasons

1 it was first time my friend has seen me since my accident

2 it was the old Emma that visited the salon prior to this

3 it's always busy and noisy I hate loud noises hairdryers for example

4 my aphasia and slurred speech

So I got there a nervous wreck couldn't get any words out and this little boy comes in to get his hair cut he was probably 8 or 9 and he said mum mum doesn't that lady's hair look like grannys dog

Everyone starts laughing I laughing but feel uncomfortable turns out his granny has an afghan hound

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  • Not likened to any old mutt as the boy clearly saw your beauty and as a dog lover the afghan is elegant and stunning! Well done for finding the courage to go back there and I am sure you will genuinely connect with the humour of the lads innocent comment. x

  • Oh definitely I just find it hard to read people and sadly since my tbi I tend to react negatively

    Thankfully I just laughed along with them :)

    Of course I was happy that it wasn't one of those chinese crested dogs ;)


  • Emma you come out with some crackers ). Keep smiling girl x

  • Haha :) x

  • YOU can see how beautiful you are and so can WE. All that remains to be said is that 'granny's Afghan' is obviously a stunner ! ;-) xx

  • Hahaha WOOF ;)

  • Nice hair! Afgans do have good hair, if your going to be compared to a dog that's probably the best dog hair!

  • Thanks hahahahaha maybe I should get one :)

  • An Afgahn hound with lovely hair ;o)

  • Thanks stace I think haha ;)

  • yeah i'm not too sure now but I really wasn't calling U an Afgahn hound.

    It really was meant as a compliment cos Afgahn hounds have got really nice hair but yours would be similar to that of an Afgahn with an exceptionally nice coat.

    I think I'll leave it there before I dig meself even further....

    Anyway, nice hair Emma !!!

    ;o) Xxx



  • Thank you I'm blushing mine is poker straight naturally it wouldn't hold a curl even if I wanted it to xx

  • I agree with what everyone is saying. When my aphasia was rampant I would ask for things related to the item. I would be worried going to the barbers in case I said cut it all off.

    I love kids for stating it as it is.

    My friends sons was with us on a busy bus and guy came on the bus with a mochekine hair style . My friends kid shouted out , he had an accident with his pillow. it was priceless.

    I am glad your are getting out of the house and meeting up with friends. That's takes bravely remember that . Remember not to let great be the thief of good.


  • Hi Andrew thank you :)

    I have said a few rude words instead of the word I'm looking for which can be awkward

  • Glad your friends have a sense of humour..

  • Now, if you just grew it out, so it completely covers your face, you'd resemble the hairy person off the Adams Family. ;) That hair's amazingly straight...

  • Trust you to come out with something like that haha was it cousin it or something ?

  • Yeah that's the one...c'mon, you've got to admit the resemblance would be uncanny lol.

    Sorry, it's just one of my unfiltered blurts, that I have no idea whether will go down well. Good to know you're facing these things, it gets easier. :)

  • you look extremely beautiful and i wish i looked like his grannys dog.My hair is more like a dishevelled stray!

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