I still look like Jo brand and mick jaggers love child in the mornings

Hey all

I wrote brief follow up on my swollen face post

Still not quite 100% sure why it's happrning he didn't want do thyroid test just yet and he said definitely not allergy he thinks it collar compromising lymphatic system and drainage its still happening but I've gone with his suggestion that I prop myself up in bed more

I hope everyone is doing ok as I said on my swelling post I will try and catch up with messages I haven't responded to

Emma xxxxx

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  • So the pic' is pre sleepwalking incident then?

  • Which pic?

  • The one that accompanies your Posts. Presume the one on your profile!

  • The one that accompanies your Posts. Presume the one on your profile!

  • I got confused because I'd put a couple photos on last post

    Yes miracleman my profile was set up in hospital by my OT back in May ironically I took that photo about a week before my accident

  • Only asked, as that one doesn't look much like Mick Jagger, Jo Brand or a combination of the two! Stupid question really! Soz Emma!

  • That's ok haha I'd obviously done my classic of having half of what I want to say in my head and expecting you guys to mind read :)

    Hope you are doing ok?

  • I am 5yrs 6mths post a major bang on the noodle, have been through some bad times, but not as bad as those for my family and friends. Really think I am doing something worthwhile, and can see a future for myself, and a use I can be to my loved ones. I seriously think I have got it together at last; taken a loooooong time. I am not 'back to how I was', IMO that is impossible, so its meaningless, but I am in a happy place. I still do some strange things, make some odd comments, speech is erratic at times, but its manageable, and most of the time provides a laugh! :) Neal x

  • Oh yeah, "half of what I want to say in my head and expecting you guys to mind read" glad to see someone else does that! ;)

  • miracle man wish i could keep in my mind but sinc e my bi my mind is my tongue !!!

  • Hi Emma. Sorry you're still affected by this mystery swelling and not getting the help needed to deal with it. Forgive my ignorance, but do you still have to wear the collar 24 hrs a day ?

    I've missed your sparky comments and really wish someone could make it better for you. xx

  • Hi cat3

    Yes it incredibly frustrating :( and yes I do indeed have to wear the collar 24 hrs a day I am allowed to take off briefly whilst showering and bathing but strictly no head movement

    Ahh that's nice of you to say so as I said I've missed all of you :)


  • OK Emma. Well I'm sure I'm not alone in wishing you better really soon. xxx

  • Sorry to hear this is still going on, but at least you're in good hands now. It's frustrating but you just have go through this process of elimination before the cause is eventually discovered.

  • Hey barny thank you for replying

    I think it was you wasn't it who said It might be the collar my memory is terrible sorry

    This particular GP is excellent he doesn't hesitate in picking up the phone or writing letter to chase things

    He appreciates my knowledge and treats me like the old Emma but he also understands I'm a bit helpless at the moment

    I hope you are doing ok

  • Yes, it was me, but if only I got paid for it! ;)

    I'm doing very well, thanks, hope you feel better soon.

  • Haha think I've got some monopoly money lying around here somewhere ;)

    Thank you :)

  • Have you had an allergic reaction

    My face blows up if have something I am allergic

    The antidote I use is quite simple and safe (because the gp prescribed it ) is antihistamine or hay fever tablets you can by them at Boots, supermarkets over the counter for a few pence assuming you live in the UK

    Good luck

  • Hi Dillm

    Thank you for your reply I started taking antihistamine the first time I woke up like it and it's been two weeks the gp said unlikely to be allergy as swelling quite pronounced yet no other symptoms

    He thinks its related to my collar

    I'll carry on taking the antihistamines anyway as they won't do any harm

    Thanks again :)

  • I should go back to your Gp I can't explain why whether it is my own personal experiences or from when was working at a medical centre but your situation rings a bell

    I can't remember the outcome but it was not life threatening

    Can u remember doing any thing different before your face became swollen I.e touched or ate something new changed medication etc it would help your Gp if you could remember

    I am NOT medically qualified but the gp's taught me a lot when I was doing medical appeals

    Good luck

  • Thank you dillm I think I will go back and see him he did say he'd like to wait it out for a week or so

    So that'll be about right thanks again.

  • Oh good thinking Dillm ! ;-)

    Emma ; unless you can think of any reason against taking antihistamine, it's pretty benign and could be well worth a try. If it doesn't work there's nothing lost but at least you will have eliminated the possibility of an allergy. If I'm bitten I swell up like a hippo but antihistamine deals with it literally overnight.

    What do you reckon ??

  • Hey cat3

    I jyst replied to dillm above saying that was first thing I tried with no reduction in swelljng its propping myself up seems to reduce it a bit

    Hope you are ok xx

  • I am on daily antihistamines because I am allergic to so many things and things I thought were okay suddenly provoke a reaction...it is a joy. But at least the antihistamines are pretty harmless...and they keep the reactions to a controllable level.

    I actually came on to say that if the swelling is in the morning and it subsides by the end of the day then it is less likely to be thyroid related...My Mum had thyroid related chubby face and that was more a case of looking like you are half human half squirrel with a face full of nuts and its is 24/7 until the appropriate thyroid levels are achieved.

    I hope they do manage to get to the bottom of this, although I suspect the collar probably is at the root of it...in the meantime you remain a woman of mystery ;)

    Take care

  • Normally I enjoy being a woman of mystery but I'm fed up of scaring the postman in the mornings hahahaha ;)

  • Well that'll teach your postie to come in the mornings...he should be like ours and come at 3.30pm when you are all beautiful again ;)

  • Hahaha I might suggest that to him on Monday ;)

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