Update 1

Hi all hope relativeky ok?

So I got bee in my bonnet and basically took self off up to local headway centre earlier in the week on my own didn't know if anyone would be there but the lady who saw me at home once and the one I was disappointed in was there

by the time I got there I had calmed down because I don't really know what I'm capable of at moment In terms of being verbally inappropriate

I ended up having chat for bout an hour and then set off back home was furthest I've walked and it really wasn't that far but far enough I had a four hour kip ehen I got home

She's still terrible at responding as she was meant to text me with her availability but nohing yet I said I wanted to come to group as well

Thanks for reading I hope all well ish


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Glad you got in touch with headway Emma and well done for keeping your cool. Hopefully they can offer you some support. xx


Thank you

Yes I was quite pleased with myself :)

I need all the help I can get



Give the Headway lady time to sort something out. She might be trying to find space in one of their groups, and it's got to be one that you will like and do well with. She might be waiting for someone else to report back with recommendations, or waiting for a brain injury education session to start you off.

I really enjoyed going to Headway. The group changed over time, some finished because they had voluntary jobs and activities and new friends and didn't need the support, others went on to social groups. I made some good friends, the type that will be with me to the end.

Several of us manage to meet up for lunch every few weeks. I still need to have some time with just BI people, its the one place I can totally relax. The 'normals' just don't get it.


Hello stardrop urgh I just spend five mins writing long response and computer crashes and lost it

Basically I said that I appreciate what you said and I know I need to be more patient abd understanding just I get fixed on one thing so if for example someone says they will call or text on such and such I tgen expect it to happen im sure I will overcome this

And I don't mean to sound negative I appreciate any help offered

Thanks again


congratulations Emma you have done so well am proud of you! Try to keep it focussed on getting what you want sounds like you may need to politely nag this lady if she doesn't follow through as promised. Well done for not taking it personally.


Thank you tortie awwww that was sweet of you to say so :) yes I am going to politely nag tomorrow

One thing she does frequently is propose a time on the day and since my TBI I don't like it when things aren't planned in advance especially when its for her to help me with my paperwork



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