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Back fresh from London with a new outlook :)


As many of you know I exhibited in The London Photo Festival last week I had the most amazing time of my life really enlightening I have come home with a new outlook and a little bit of confidence :) I didnt win but I came in as one of the highest voted for which is an amazing achievement :) I will put links on here so you can see my journey but I am so overwhelmed with the amount of support and comments I have had its been amazing :) I even found time to wait for 4 hours on the red carpet and took pics of Vanessa Redgrave, Steve Carrell and Sienna Miller :) I also owe a massive thankyou to Mr Baron our very own word smith :) the organizers of the photo festival asked me to write a blog for their site about my journey to this point and Andy wrote a lovely piece so thankyou :D



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It was my absolute pleasure, no thanks are needed!

So pleased you had such a fantastic time, hopefully the first step on a very long journey. Just brilliant stuff and proof that if you want something badly enough... you can have it!

Oh and, I told you so :)

Sorry I missed it....sounds like it was amazing...well done you!

May I add my well done and congratulations, you go girl xxxxxx Janet

So proud of you Michelle. :-/ xxx

Well Done !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Fantastic news you are so inspiring keep us posted as you continue to soar to new heights great photo of a classy lady and one of my heroes Vanessa Redgrave who shows you don't have to resort to Botox and plastic as you age as an actress.

shellsbelle in reply to Tortie14

She was amazing she spoke to everyone she is beautiful inside and out I didn't know she was going to be there so it was the highlight of the day :)

Oh well done!!. That's an awesome achievement. You have inspired us to try new things, and never give up. Super!

Thankyou all so much xx

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