One of those days

Ok this in trying to laugh at and see funny side

Today I have

1) put shoe on wrong feet

2) top back to front abd inside out and went out like it label flapping in the wind

3) bannana skin down the toilet

4) pop over to hospital to get a

Drink from Costa (cat I know you going tell me off for going out on own ;) oooops) then I blacking out in a very busy Costa I remember a lady ask me if ok I said I felt really hot then I woke up slump on chair

Next to stranger with a doctor nurse and a student doctor in my face I manage convince them I was ok so I sat with my stranger drinking my hot spiced apple and chatted away as if nothing happen

she then said about my top inside out how embarrassing well at least I was in right place

5) death by Velcro...

I took my philadephia collar (hard collar) off to wash my face after incident no 4 and when I put back on I manage to get most of the right side of my hair stuck in the Velcro I tried everything to get it out but it's almost impossible in the end I took scissors to my hair :( I don't tgink notice as underneath bit of hair

I'm hoping to raise a few smiles with this of course I'm shattered now after these escapade

Lot of love

Emma x

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  • Ah, bless ya. One of those days eh? Sounds like you took it to a higher plain though!

    I once walked into the street still with the underwear slung over my shoulder that I was supposed to be putting away before I went out. I just couldn't work out why people were staring at me!

  • One day I put blue eyeliner on eyebrows. Lucky saw it before I went outside. Just another oh no moment! K

  • Oh dear that's got be up there in the top 10! :)

  • Hehehehe thats hilarious although I don't know why I picture y-fronts in particular tho

    Yes I definitely took to a new level of dopey

    Emma x

  • I can better that one, I once walked into a gym without putting my shorts on I.e. in my underwear! Fortunately, they were boxer types but that wasn't enough to deceive people. I got so many blank stares as I walking towards a studio room for a class. I think they must have thought it was past being funny and was just plain weird! Fortunately I noticed something was up and made a swift return for the changing rooms! If I'd have entered the class in that state I don't know how I would've lived that down, especially since there was a girl there I fancied.

    Thankfully, those moments of gross personal negligence are very rare and even if I do forget things, its not so embarrassing! :)

  • Hi Emma, made me smile, wht I needed. Thanks

  • Your welcome :) ive always been known as class clown even before my B.I

    Emma x

  • Banana skin down the toilet is definitely my favourite :D

  • Yeah worst was having to fish it out :3


    Emma x

  • Bless you Emma...interesting day huh?

    I have a motion sensor activated gizmo by the door to help prevent me leaving the house without performing certain checks...visitors laughed at first when they approached the door and this voice asked "have you checked ... "

    but not as much as people laugh when they spot me in the high street still wearing bunny slippers on my feet ;)

  • Hi iforget

    Yup one of those days

    Ahhhh that's sweet you have bunny slippers :)

    I used to work at a corporate gym and I'd have to leave home at 05:45am if I was opening up problem was one day I'd driven to work gone to security to get the keys opened up said morning to about 20 gym members including one of my personal training clients it wasn't until my manager came in at 9am that she said in a stroppy tone why the hell have you got your slippers on!? The penny dropped I was stuck there all day like it training clients teaching a spinning class with my Sean the sheep slippers on.,. This was with no brain injury just severe case of blonde - ness

    Your gadget sounds brilliant!!!

    Emma x

  • My gadget is was one of several gizmos given to me by the memory aids programme. I was beyond embarrassment by the time I went there... and that programme was a real life changer for me.

  • iforget What is your gizmo called - sounds really useful.

  • Hmmm good question...I have no idea. When I was at Memory aids clinic they gave it (and other useful gizmos) to me. and they set it up but it has capacity for a reasonable length message (which I could change but what they set works just fine...) and is activated by motion sensors. I can't see any name on the gadget itself - I will check and see if there is any useful information in the pack they gave me when I left.

  • Made me smile too, there but for the grace of God go I xxxxx Janet

  • Hehehehe :)

    Emma x

  • You can't be left alone for a minute can you Emma ; and yes, Cat is telling you off again for sneaking out a second time and causing chaos !!

    Just hope you've recovered from yet ANOTHER bout of disobedience, and you've got your top on the right way round, and your missing hair isn't too obvious etc.....etc...... Seriously:- Hope you're ok !

    Here's one of mine = I was walking home from town with three heavy shopping bags on Monday thinking how stupid I was not to have come in the car. I stopped to put the bags down for a minute at the top of my road...........................and remembered. I HAD taken the car. It was standing idle in Tesco's car park.

    As if by magic, my son turned into the road at that moment (calling to see me on day off) and took me back to Tesco. He looked a bit pensive then glanced at me and said "You do know that this one has shot straight to number one ?"

    PS. Will have an enduring mental picture of Andy with underpants over his shoulder !! :o xx

  • Nope I'm a naughty so and so.. One of the surgeons who clerked me in on my 2nd admission was in the queue in Costa and he asked if I was on my own :/

    Yes I am ok just worn out I'm at parents for the weekend so be nice to spend time with them :)

    Oh that's terrible about your car poor you it's bad enough doing farmers walk with your shopping when you are 100%

    Emma x

  • Ahh you have made me giggle Emma, which today was just what I needed! On a serious note though, I do hope you are alright now x

  • Hi dora21

    Glad I could provide some light entertainment

    Yes I'm fine thank you no harm done just a little embarrassment :)

    Emma x

  • Wow thats an interesting day.

  • Hi Sean

    Yep I certainly dont do boring :)

    How are you ?

    Emma x

  • Hi, all good ta Emma. Long week so brain dead now, nice chilled weekend hopefully. Thats 1 thing about tbi we certainly dont do boring, which is cool by me, sounds like you beat us all though x

  • I love the death by velcro! Hilarious, good on you for having the strength of humour :) On the subject of toilets, my cat fell in mine the other day as I had forgotten to put the lid down! She usually sits there and watches me clean my teeth, she was not amused!

  • What a day! Thanks for sharing, and as long as you're no worse off, that's cool. Like u say. It gives us a laugh!

  • That really brightened up my day too ... I thought it was just me! I am supposed to be high IQ too, but I blame it on all brains and no common sense. I once pulled up, got out the car and checked all my pockets because I did not know where I had put my car keys. I had even thought of driving home to see if I had left them there. It was only then I realised they were still in the ignition! I always keep them in the same pocket. I came home from a swimming with my trunks still on instead of some clean underwear ... good job I had dark trousers on and you could not see the wet mark around my upper legs since I would have hated to think what people would have assumed. The list goes on, but I think I will leave the spot light on you Emma ... Thank you.

  • You can say, WHAT'S UR PROBLEM???


    I'm special, a blond zombie!!!

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