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Brains gone on Holiday



At my appointment with the Neurologist I used the term " BRAIN ON HOLIDAY " to describe when I am not coping; think its rather apt for me, it also makes people smile what do you think

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Nice way of describing the all too familiar awkward moments :) funny yet true. Another one I like is iforget's "brain fart".

I tried to explain to neuro my disengaged brain syndrome but I like your brain holiday sounds more fun!

As soon as I see your name come up Dillm, I smile anyway. There's always a good chance that ,whatever the subject, you'll have sneaked something humorous in somewhere/somehow ! ;-)

Hugs to Alfie and Smudge. x

Hi dillm2

Haha I quite often say my brain secretary on annual leave

Emma x

I think that's so awesome. Often, I smack my arm, leg and brain, and tell them to wake up from their holiday.

I like this Dillm. Good expl. K

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