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Advice needed

Omg at 9pm about this evening I started violently vomiting it's now 2am and I still vomiting every 20-30 mins my head is pounding I have a temperature and chills and a terrible pain in my back and centre of ribs about 3 inch below breastbone

I don't know quite what do with myself

Does this sound like Gastro? Whatever it is if I had a gun I'd shoot myself

Many thanks for reply to prev post I will get round to reply once this is over...


Emma x

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Go to your best a&e and explain your symptoms and history. Not all local a&es near me understand neurology enough. Not to worry you but take no chances and let them do some tests. Try and get a Brain scan, also make someone look in your eyes. They can also tell from this if pressure is building up. Hope everything goes ok and it's nothing to worry about x


Sounds like the bug going around here too. I fell ill Friday and I'm still not great but finally able to eat without getting stomach cramps and everything that goes with it. I spent the weekend in bed and monday tues sleeping. Feeling a bit more like ok today, hence back to work.

My brother got it last week from hid carers who have all had it too.

I thought I had flu because every muscle bone and hair hurt!

Hope you feel better soon


You need to seek medical advice asap. If you haven't gone to A&E then ring your GP surgery as they will open soon and explain your symptoms and get there advice as to what to do.


It sounds like a bug. Call you GP or NHS DIRECT and ask them for advice


Best contact your nearest A&E or NHS direct or as your post is via Headway I'm guessing you already have a neurological condition so contacting the A&E department of your consultants hospital, if possible, would be good as they should have easier direct access to your medical records. Of course it may be just a bug or a water infection the description you gave also matches the symptoms I had with a kidney stone and kidney infection so better by far to be safe rather than sorry and get a specialist consultation ASAP, third party guesswork by the unqualified (such as myself) is often wrong.


Hope you are feeling better by now Emma?


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