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Finished 'My Story'

After kind help from a number of people I finished editing 'my story'. Be warned, even though it is up to date, it is LONG! I hope it is a illuminating read, that people find useful and entertaining. It is of course my experience of a Traumatic Brain Injury, and what worked for me, my wife kept a diary for six months and that has allowed me to account for the four months of which I have no memory, and the subsequent months which I have limited recollection of., though that has got better! Hope you can wade through it, and enjoy it! :)

If you search in the Healthunlocked engine top of the screen, right, for 'miracleman headway' you should find it!

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Looked for it, but couldn't find it unless you edited the original post. Can you link it?


Thank You very much B_S_A, you are a star.


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