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Investing in Happyness

I've always been reluctant to spend money on new inventions which I've been perfectly able to manage without until now. But the only way to recover from a brain injury is to keep yourself healthy and happy and sometimes material goods help with that. So at the start of the year I bought a couple of items which cost money but which seems like nice additions to my life.

A smartphone and a sim with data transfer does indeed make life easier, I can find my way around the world easier, translate words easier and answer tricky questions about life in the pub using Google without pondering forever what the answer is.

And Spotify lets me listen to all music of any artist I want so now if I like a musician I can listen to their whole catalogue.

Material goods, sometimes they're worth it.

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A food blender. I now make rather lovely curries, even if I do say so myself :)


Hi, it makes me happy to read posts on here like this. Some things that people take for granted make a big difference to us. Well once Ive figured out how to use them! K


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