Jack and Sophie,s week

They have had a busy week, Monday was sports day at school, last year was upsetting to see them both struggling, and not able to take part. Totally different Monday, to see Jack running in the relay was fantastic and Sophie winning her egg and spoon race, such a smile on her face. Sophie entered a writing competition about her disabilities and how she now feels, her little story has now been published in a book, it was a very sad story to read, but a proud moment to see it published. Wednesday Jack had a taster day at Secondary School, and another one tomorrow. He takes everything in his stride, but I could tell he was nervous. So proud of you all xxx

2 Replies

  • Seeing how far these two amazing young people have come and what they're now achieving is a massive credit to them..............and you Julie.

    Love and best wishes to you all. :-)

  • I agree with Cat, Julie.

    Well done to you all little steps get bigger with will power xx

    Best Wishes to you All


    Win xxx

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