ABI Week: ‘False economy’ of funding cuts highlighted in new report

ABI Week: ‘False economy’ of funding cuts highlighted in new report

The government is facing a 'ticking time bomb' by reducing brain injury survivors' access to support and rehabilitation services, according to a new report issued by Headway - the brain injury association.

- Almost half (48%) of people living with brain injury have lost access to vital rehabilitation and support services as a result of cuts to local authority budgets and welfare benefits reform

- 70% believe their long-term support needs will increase if they do not have access to the support they need now

- 70% concerned about ability to cope financially due to welfare benefits reform

- More than half report a deterioration in their quality of life

Charities struggling to cope with reduced support from local authorities:

- 85% of local Headway groups concerned about long-term survival

- 89% forced to use charity reserves and additional charity funds to maintain vital services

Read the full article at: headway.org.uk/news/false-e...

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Headway would like to thank all of our members who took part in this study, helping us to campaign for better services for people affected by brain injury.

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ive had NO HELP SINCE 2010


Sadly this story is being experience across the NHS - where I work we know that the short term savings made from cutting access to professional qualified therapists will be far outweighed by the long-term costs of people needing higher level of care and support later. The economics don't stack up as as the human cost to those involved (patients, families, friends, carers, communities etc) is just plain inhuman and wrong. People need the right intervention at the right time and ongoing appropriate support to fulfil their potential - whether that is education or health. You don't give the right therapy the individual ends up needing costing care that could be avoided if they were kept as mobile as possible and able to work wherever. But every government looks to the next election and the sound bites and this government has taken it to a new level of cruelty and incompetence. Oh, and the charities who provide support and services are getting funding cut and withdrawn too. It's bad news all round. Once expertise, like offered by Headway and other experts, is lost you don't get it back easily.


I got less than 2 months so speech and occupational therapy almost 3 years after my Abi got nothing before and after I have to carry on now on my own and family no help can be given I work part time headway can't get finding for me as I work I go to 2 support groups with family they get on better than me no help for me


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