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National Fame at Last

National Fame at Last

Following the glamorous photoshoot in the Edinburgh Evening News the other week I got called up by a journalist for tabloid scum paper the Sun. They hacked into my flickr account and stole some photos, then made up some quotes vaguely based on what I said and then put me on the centrefold near to Mel, 21, from Kent. Possibly this is about as far as I should take this media celebrity sillyness, it's an ego trip but I worry who will call next, FHM magazine?

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Dinnae fash, remember it's tomorrow's chip paper! :D

Good on you getting the article in the Evening News. The Daily Mail did one on my story last year - a brief moment of weird media attention, then life got straight back to normal. (Still sitting by the phone waiting for FHM to call..sigh...!)

Still, I think all publicity for the reality of head injury is good. Tabloid scumbags aren't worth losing sleep over.


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