Is anyone in there?

I fractured my skull over 10 years. I took me just over 7 years for me to get over it and learn to adapt and deal with the constant pain in my head. Then last October I was involved in a car accident and bang my head again. Since then I have been very snappy. I also seem to switch off and do things and don't know why I did it wrong when I have done it before.

It is really starting to scare me as I sometimes feel like I'm not in control. Say things the wrong way and hear things wrong or not at all. I just don't know what to do.

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I'm presuming you had scans and all appropriate investigations after the car accident ?


No I do have a appointment with a neurologist this month.


OK, well that would have been my suggestion so if that's happening this month then I'm afraid there isn't much else you can do for now other than wait it out. It's the same old story we see here time after time, that once you've been discharged you're on your own. If you have a decent GP who listens to you and has some understanding of head injury then you have a good start, but many of us don't and for many people aftercare is a slow and painstaking business.

Until you see the neurologist, try to avoid challenging or confrontational situations and if/when you feel you're losing control try taking deep breaths & walking away if you can. Or just say nothing.......no response is better then a snappy one and you might feel a sense of pride in keeping control. You could even set yourself small challenges when you do have to face stressful situations.

I'm sorry there's no simple answer.........or at least I can't think of one. But I do wish you the very best of luck and hope your appointment will yield some useful answers.

Regards, Cat x


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