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Anybody have experience of ADHD medication for TBI caused attentional problems?

Good Day to you all,

As the question States, I was wondering if anybody who has tried medication for brain injury acquired attentional problems, would be kind enough to share their experiences?

I had a head injury 40 odd years ago as a consequence of which I seem to have acquired moderate attentional problems. My local (Surrey) NHS have recently set up an adult ADHD Clinic and, after I pointed out the similarities been my symptoms and inattentive ADHD, I got a referral to the clinic within a very short time (a couple of months!) got an appointment. I took my wife with me to give her view of what I do and don't do, and the effect my inattention has yon daily life. Both of us had to fill in a fairly standard behavioural questionnaire.

An adult needs to meet 5 out of the 9 signs of ADHD (Primarily Inattentive) - I meet all 9. :-) Technically, I don't have ADHD because I didn't have symptoms pre-accident. However, the doctor says that they are seeing an increasing number of patients with similar sorts to tell. He also said that there is evidence that a large number of such cases respond to standard ADHD medication and wants me to try it. Naturally, despite an aversion to letting chemicals dance around my neurons, I'm going to give it a go (cardiologist willing).

Hence the question - anybody tried this route and did it work?

Thank you

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I would be more worried about the side effects.


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