I've been feeling ok for a while now up until this week where my head and neck have been in awful pain I know I was told I could get pain for months but i assumed it would get gradually better but this has just got worse yesterday i couldnt talk i knew what i wanted to say but it wouldnt come out and i cant take much noise and i got really angry today now i feel im back to square 1 went to the doctors and they just said to wait for my neurology appointment :(

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  • Could the pains be a result of stress, I get tension headaches which pre-date my SAH so I know they're not related but they're pretty disabling. Just a thought .........because we do tend to automatically assume that any head pain is a result of the bleed/stroke when it mightn't be the case. It's the mention of neck pain which suggests it could be tension.......

    I know you've been really busy with your photography business & wonder whether you've been overdoing things.

    When are you due to see the neurologist ?

  • thanks for your reply its quite possible what you say i had to cancel a lot of jobs at the weekend and am taking things easy i see nuerologist next monday x

  • OK Michelle, Take it easy, and let us know how it goes on monday. xx

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