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Back from the holiday - Part one


Got in at 1am this morning and couldn't wait to check in on the site, that's how important this site is. Had a fantastic time, it challenged me on all aspects, but lazing on the beach in the warm sunshine and having a dip in the sea now and again was great. No-one knew about my problems and apart from getting weird looks as I staggered around the beach, I'm sure people thought I was drunk, who cares, the warmth helped, as did the increased light intensity, I could see better. The family was fantastic, didn't expect too much of me, I took everything at my pace, made me feel that given more time I may become more "normal".

My son, he's17, walks beside me with one hand on my shoulder to help my balance, my daughter ,23, and partner will hold my hand if with me, they are all so caring I would be lost without them. The flight was OK, no issues headaches or other problems, back to reality now. I may even look into that charity swim it was so good swimming in the sea, we'll see. My husband and I have said its awful that it takes something like this illness to make you realise what's important in life, I'm just so grateful I still have a quality of life to enjoy even if it's changed. Take care everyone Love Janet xx

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What a lovely, uplifting account this is, Janet. It's made me feel really emotional, hearing that you found such joy and that life was, once again, what it should be.

I have to say (even though it isn't actually funny) that I laughed out loud at you mention of 'staggering around the beach'........only because it has such a familiar ring to it.......and because you were so hell-bent on enjoying yourself that it wasn't going to stop you !

Thanks for such a brilliant post..........and your family sound really great. I'm so glad everything worked out well & that you were able to feel so free. Love, cat xx :-)

Kirk5w7 in reply to cat3

Thanks Cat, can't wait for the next opportunity to holiday, can't come soon enough! Love Janet xx

Glad you had a great time, I hope you have many more

Thanks biker xx

Hi Janet

It's really great you went and did it. Where did you go? I am thinking about going to Bali in 2015 with my wife and daughter, but with my mobility issue's, I'm just thinking for now. I too, will be staggering around the beaches!

Good for you though

Kirk5w7 in reply to Richdp

Hi Rich, we went to turkey it wasn't without its challenges, I found the journey home more tiring cos we didn't fly back til 10pm and I'm usually in bed by then , plus there wasn't anywhere comfortable to sit (they never have comfy seats in self catering do they ?) but more importantly it was another step forward and it hasn't put me off. Do it, it'll be fine, take care Janetxx

Certainly working towards it and hoping there'll be some slight improvements by then, I've got a couple of years. The thing is, its not only gonna be a short, 1 or 2 week holiday, more a month or so, as my wife wants to visit family and move around a bit. Still, I'm staying positive and open minded, but also, realistic!

hi ,its great u had a grt holiday ,i avnt commented befre now as didnt ave my lptop , n tried to do it on my phone but couldnt manage it . after reading how well it went i went and paid half off my hol fr nxt may, well done, n you given so much hope n encouragement n shown that we can get some of the good things in life still , tke care x

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