I read with interest the person who said that he developed osteoarthritis after a Subarachnoid haemorrage. I too had SAH in 2004. After my discharge from hospital I too developed osteoarthritis. But as I have a few relatives with the same problem I never thought that they might be linked. Rest assured if you are now suffering. I had to take painkillers for years, and then have to suffer stiffness and pain still. After 5 years of this suffering I had a "new knee" surgically fitted 6 months ago. I now don't have to take drugs anymore. And neither is there any stiffness.

Furthermore, upon my discharge from hospital, I was encouraged to attend Headway which I did for a couple of times( Austin St, E2).

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  • Hi phil, have you read all the comments on the thread ? If so, you will see that there is some divided opinion on the subject, and Headway are very kindly looking to see if there is anything documented by the consultant in question. There is a question mark over whether OA could be triggered by brain injury or whether it might be the period of inactivity which we experience during the hospitalisation which is responsible. Best wishes.

  • Thank you cat3 for your comment. I have uncles and aunts who have osteoarthritis, so I would think it might just be hereditary. But what was said and having had SAH, it certainly makes one wonder. Another point is, after my brain injury, I don't read things correctly anymore. I seem to skip over everything, just noting salient points.

  • Hi again, phil. Just a note to acknowledge your reply. In the middle of a nasty sickness bug . Contact you again in couple of days. cat x

  • Me again. I have an appointment to speak the consultant's secretary later today. I'm going to request an email address for the consultant so I can ask him to put in writing his verbal assertion of the link between SAH and OA. I could write to him using 'snail mail' but it would be less likely to yield a reply.....will let you know the outcome.

    Oh and I can relate to the skip reading......I can feel the impatience bubbling after a while and just have to give up. These changes take a lot of adjustment don't they ?

    Hope you're OK. x

  • I don't know how long ago you suffered your BI, but mine was 9 years ago. In local circles this makes me an authority on the subject. The girl friend I had at that time has recently had a mild stroke and an aneurysm, and now, finally, she listens to my opinion. So yet again the old cliche that time is a great healer. LPX.

  • Mine was a SAH in Dec.2011. The sudden onset osteoarthritis was diagnosed in Sept.2012.

    I've written to the consultant asking him if he could explain the process involved which links the two conditions. His secretary advised against an email, saying that a letter would be more likely to attract a response. Fingers crossed. x

  • Thank you cat3 I look forward to your report.

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