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Gorlin Syndrome Group

Gorlin's Syndrome and hypogammglobulienemia


I'm 54yrs old, diagnosed in my teens w/Gorlin's Syndrome. Having a rare disease is very challenging, educating my specialists along the way. Anyone with Gorlin's Syndrome also have hypogammaglobulienemia, an immunodefiency?

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Hello LF62, From the delay in getting a reply, you may gather that this Health Unlocked site is rarely visited. I keep an eye on it from time to time and try to help with directions when possible. Having no medical knowledge I can't say anything relating to your immunodefiency. The best I can offer is to refer you to this link

"To see all the latest and discuss topics relating to Gorlin Syndrome visit the Gorlin Syndrome Support Group on Facebook. facebook.com/groups/1272325..."

The U. K. Gorlin Support Group webpage can be found at gorlingroup.org/.

If you put out a call on Facebook, be sure to say what country you are in as this has a big effect on the responses. Hope this helps.



Hi Vitruvius...Thank you for reply. I had checked the Gorlingroup.org...it is not a very active site. Last updated 2013.


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