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A problem with meat

Does anyone have a problem with meat ?

I can eat roast chicken and turkey, and a little turkey mince.

But I find if I eat anything else including GF and WF sausages, I get cramps and get bunged up big time. Yesterday I ate a gammon steak just for a change, cramps for hours after.

I guess I have become more sensitive to other foods. I used to love all pulses now cannot eat them at all.

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Gammon from supermarkets are processed, as are sausages......they contain, chemicals, dextrose, or maltodextrin, which contain, wheat or barley.......stay away from processed foods......

Buy proper gammon, get your butcher to make you sausage I do....just pork and herbs no can be done.....

You not gettin sensitive to's all the crap that they add when it goes through being processed....

Reformed a big no no



A great big thank you, janie x


Maryelle it sounds as though you may be sensitive to sulphites. They're often used as a preserving agent:

Have you noticed a problem with these

fresh or frozen prawns


soup mixes


bottled lemon juice and lime juice



cured meats

as well?



Hello Fiona certainly Guacamole, red wine, not sure about the others

pulses yes.

I will check the websites you kindly suggested.

thank you


Yep dropped bacon and sliced ham. Red wine! No chance.


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