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Is it important for us to be supplementing with Vit D regardless of if we are are deficient or not? I was having injections every 6 months but when I asked my GP for it this time I was told no and further more unless I was less than 25 I could not have any supplements on prescription either. If I was less than 25 then I could just have it for 8 weeks only then I would be expected to buy them myself.

What is recommend for people who are gluten intolerant or CD?

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hiya i dont take any only b12 injections was on folic acid for 6months after was diagnosed then doc said didnt need them i go for a blood test evrey 6months to see levels so ask your doc for 1 good luck


Have you had a bone scan? I was started on Calcium and Vit D supplements when a scan showed a degree of osteopenia (bone thinning)

You can buy these supplements over the counter but I don't think they are the same strength as those which are prescribed.. Worth asking your dietitian I think..


You can buy adcal-d3 at any chemist, I use get mine on script but my doctor only gives a month at a time, so it's cheaper to by from chemist.


Hi Ellen, There is growing concern with all UK residents regarding Vitamin D. The majority of our Vitamin D is made in exposed areas of skin on a sunny day .. of which we didn't have too many last year.

I haven't ever been prescribed Vitamin D but I do take cod liver oil capsules. If you find them on the large size but would like to think about taking a natural supplement then halibut liver oil capsules are smaller. These used to be readily available but just in case you wish to consider them but haven't got them in your local chemist or health shop, then these may be an option:

I don't recall whether I have used this particular outlet myself but they appear to have some good ratings.


That is very odd. What is your current vitamin D level?


I am currently taking prescribed Vit D supplements.

I was diagnosed as coeliac a year ago and after seeing no improvement in my levels of fatigue and joint pain I went back to the GP armed with a printout showing vitamins etc that coeliacs are typically deficient in and she organised blood tests. My score came back at 27 which is below the 'deficient' level - I'm not sure if the measurements are the same ones that your GP is using, I found this info on here:

<30 nmol/l deficient

30-80 nmol/l insufficient

81-220 nmol/l replete / normal

221-500 nmol/l high

>500 nmol/l toxicity

My levels have since improved, but sadly my joint pain hasn't!!


Thank you so very much for this information. I knew I had seen these measurements from somewhere but could not find it so they make her 25 level look pretty wrong!! Not only that but the information clearly states that people with CD and other autoimmune conditions should be supplementing. I also have to use anticoagulants so even more reason why my bone health is important so I'm now going to ask for a bone scan too.

I find this so petty. According to this info my injection was costing them £8.50 every 6 months!! It's going to cost a hell of a lot more if my condition deteriorates due to poor absorption and general poor health and bone fractures! I think I shall just offer to pay for the dam thing myself!! Oh they do make me cross.


i take vitamin D3 on my docs advice. He didn't offer to prescribe...just told me where to buy them. He also said that everyone in this country should be taking them since we are all probably deficient.


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