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HI I am new to this site and would like some advice

My husband has hypothyroidisim for 12 years during this time he has remained unwell. He has had recent blood tests for a range of issues which should have included coeliac disease, but I am not convinced he has been tested for this - could anyone confirm what I should be looking for on his results? - I have the printout but cant find the tTGA or EMA which I understand is what I should be looking for?



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Thanks Tony - I will check the AGA - the others do not appear on his results.



To be honest the best bet is to book in and chat to the Dr and ask him if he's tested for coeliac disease. It's worth asking for IgA and IgG as some people give a false positive to one but not the other.

"If IgA is deficient, it is recommended that the IgG/IgA-DGP also be ordered. At the discretion of the doctor, IgG-AGA can also be ordered."

Note: *It is important to continue eating a normal, gluten-containing diet before being tested for coeliac. If the blood tests and symptoms indicate coeliac, a physician may suggest a biopsy of the lining of the small intestine to confirm the diagnosis.

In addition it is also worth asking for tests for:

- pernicious anaemia

- vitamin D levels

- Iron

- B12 (ck the intrinsic factor if they appear low)

Also see the Thyroid site on HealthUnlocked for further tips.


Thanks Fiona


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