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gluten free treats for all

hello to all fellow coeliacs, i have had coeliacs for nearly thirty years now , although i am pretty healthy i have found that my weight fluctuates a lot, i do get muscle pains , more in the cold weather.I really enjoy aking tasty treats in my shop that are safe for coeliacs, it gives me pleasure to see customers enjoying food again, and the look on peoples faces when they ask what i have gluten free, they are always surprised to see the wide range i am offering. I think more eateries should be offering gluten free foods, it gives people the confidence to go out and socialise again knwing someone who suffers with the same as them is prepared to cook delicous safe foods.

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I have coeliac in my family. Recently we have started selling GF hot filled pancakes on our local farmers market. Like you it thrills me to be able to supply to people so deprived of regular food.

It makes me wonder about a career change and opening a GF/special diet deli with a coffee shop selling only GF foods.

Can i ask you the coeliac population - if you can easily obtain the foods you want locally or do you use a lot of online shopping? Would having a local source change your shopping habits?

In this economic climate i wouldn't want my dream to be only that.

I hope this question is in the spirit of the site and you don't mind me doing some market research.



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