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Glutened by organic lentils from Waitrose. What is a safe brand to buy?


Hi all, i don't eat meat so have a number of dishes i make with lentils. I had no probs with sainsbury's organic lentils but couldn't find the same product again so got org lentils from Waitrose. Made a veg curry with them. Ate it for 2 days before i figured out that must be it.

Anyone got recommendations, as i need my lentils!

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Hi Bluedaffodil, Lentils should be all right, but they could be in a factory being packed near to an item that contains gluten. Or they could be being packed using a shared belt - eithre way wheat starch or small amounts of powder could end up coating some or all of the lentils. If this was the case then washing them thoroughly four to six times should remove any outer contamination.

There is this further warning written about how lentils are grown as a crop rotation with wheat, however:

"Lentils are grown in rotation with wheat and other cereals, and grain sizes are also similar, so despite thorough cleaning over most modern plants, it is only possible to supply lentils with an allowed tolerance for cereal grains which may translate to a gluten content on the borderline of the new 20ppm limit, so there will be a risk whether lentils would be compliant with the changed ‘gluten free’ definition.??"

Full definition here:

There are a few notes online about cross-contamination of lentils, etc:

Hi I have just seen this article and was about to make some soup with some Tesco lentils that I have had for ages, I was going to wash them really well but now dont know what to do.

Anyway I have found these on Amazon

Hopefully someone will post to say one of the supermarkets sells some which are gluten free.

Have you tried looking to purchase online at Sainsburys? Quite often products not available in the shops are still available on an online shop.

Hope you find some that are suitable

I'd be interested to know the answer too, but be wary of precooked ones. I emailed Merchant Gourmet after buying a bag of Ready to Eat Puy Lentils and got a message back saying: "Our Puy lentils are gluten free but are packaged in an environment where cross contamination may occur."

OMG I eat LOADS of those Puy Lentils!

Do u feel okay sassy? Have you been glutened at all?


Hi i found the same thing with Morrisons no soak green lentils.

say's on the pay may contain traces but I decided to try them after being scared off after seeing they had that on the label .

I'm allergic so I found quickly they had a lot of gluten in them and spent an evening with a burning swollen lip and about 4 days itching like made to then become ill at the end of the week which of cause lasted about 3 days.

My theory is that the lentils i had may have been modified which is why they didn't need to be soaked and cooked soft in only half and hour.

I haven't had anything happen when i had split red lentils.

has anyone tried the tinned lentils,i think i will check them out and see if they are ok or not.

I live in France and it is common practice to sort through all lentils as they may have stones or wheat heads in them. Even if it doesn't say so on the package. I sort through when they are dry then rinse alot. I am very sensitive to gluten but this works for me.


Crazy Jack's organic lentils are fine, if anyone is interested. That is to say, i don't get a reaction when i eat them

This is an old thread but I signed up to post - I found this thread after searching because this evening I found a whole wheat grain in my lentil dish, and it seems the Waitrose organic lentils are to blame. I wouldn't have spotted it except that one could barely chew through such a thing. I've been getting symptoms and trying to rule out cross contamination, at least I now have one less thing to blame...

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