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what happens when i see the colorectal consultants?

Hi all,

I am seeing the general surgery team up at my local hospital. At first i was scared because i didn't know why. When i checked with the reception up the hospital. They said i am to see the colorectal drs. I have like ibs type thing. Any guesses why i am to see the general surgery team at the colorectal surgeons clinic and what happens when i am there?

from kerry x

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Hi Kerry, And poor you so I am sorry. I would ask your GP why you have been referred to this dept. Rather than worry (easier said than done) I would try and see it that they are investigating why you have IBS.

So I'd try and see it that you are in the system and they want to establish what's going on in your body and compared to many members of GFG who have frustrating experiences with the NHS, many of us had to wait years before diagnosis (me included) and then suddenly we're in the system and they are on the case. And look how many members GFG has that are self diagnosed!

So good luck and please do let us know how you get on.



Kerry we agree with Jerry's advice. You haven't magically landed as a patient in the colorectal department. You have been referred there. You need to understand WHY so you can have an adult and informed discussion with them when you arrive. It maybe that your GP thinks they are the best department instead of normal Gastro? It maybe for another reason entirely. Only you can find out by asking your Dr.

Ask away and update.


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