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Help!!!! Emergency......Can any one tell me where I can get this?

Sorry for the dramatics but I have been tasked with making a trifle for a street party (if its not rained off) and I can't find gluten free Lady Fingers anywhere. I thought I had seen them in Sainsburys or Waitrose but turns out I was wrong.

Can anyone tell me where I can go to get them like TODAY????


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Don't know about ladyfingers, but if you can't find them, you could cut Sainsburys free from Victoria Sponge cake into appropriate sized pieces and use that with no problem. In a real pinch, you could even use chocolate chip or blueberry muffins. The best thing about making trifle, is there's so much going on in there and so many variations on it, that substitutions are not usually a problem.


Invivo makes sound suggestions...(obviously a puddings person!!)

I would use the Victoria sandwich..or if you have the time..make your own.

I always keep spare sponge in freezer...usually for the "emergency cake" situation (you fancy a bit of cake...)...or it has been in emergency trifle situation.....please eat a second portion on my behalf (am diabetic as well as Coelaic)

Have fun!!



Hate anything spongy in my trifle so you can make one without for ME !! :)-- [ I love trifle--especially 2nd day trifle after it has been cut into on day 1]


might be abit late the simplest answer is make your own


Just add some extra fruit into the jelly and miss out the sponge bit altogether


Thanks for all your suggestions. Sorry this is so late. In the end I made a normal one for the "normals" and a jelly and fruit ALL for myself!!

TBH they were both decorated the same (with blueberries and strawberries so it looked like a union jack but the rain came down so we hardly had time to eat it! Wish we could post a picky or I would put one up.

I will try the suggestion of victoria sponge next time. I found out since that the GF lady fingers that were imported from the USA have been stopped so there is nothing now anyway. Too bad if you want to do Tiramisu! I have never been good at making cakes, my Mum was brilliant but pastry was my forte. GF pastry is awful though.


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