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What apart form gluten free is used to treat DH.? Gluten free novice needs specialist help from the informed.

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I've not got CD (diagnosed with the freindly camera) but have a DH rash (not diagnosed by my GP) that appears when I eat wheat based products. I am anemic and have mineral/vitamin issues that are being looked at. No problems internally so it appears to be absorption issues.

I have been following a low gluten diet (the odd penguin forces me to eat it now and again) gluten free bread, flour in cooking, fresh foods all the way.

What elase can I do and how do I go further with helping myself. Are there any coeliac bibles to look at?

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AnnieT I'm afraid the only good advice I can give you is..go see your Dr. They're medically qualified and will be the best to advise or refer you for further tests/ treatment. From what you've written you've not been diagnosed as a coeliac nor has your GP diagnosed a DH rash (unless someone else in healthcare has?). It's a huge lifestyle change to go gluten free without a firm medical diagnosis and need to do so. In fact many articles have been written about how bad a gluten free diet is for the ordinary person unless they have DH / Coeliac Disease. There could be many reasons for your vitamin and anaemia issues and you should seek your Dr's advice to discover what these are.


I have DH- I to had a normal endoscopy but had taken photographs of my rash and showed them to my gastro specialist---I became GF after the endoscopy and the "bubbles" on my skin and in my mouth disappeared, I told him that being GF made my skin better and he diagnosed DH

I would advise you to push for a skin biopsy -if you cannot get a diagnoses any other way- DH can be confirmed with this ----BUT do not be GF before the biopsy


hi Annie, you do need to get properly tested for DH. If you have got it, then only a totally GF diet will get rid of it completely. You need to go back onto a full diet and see your GP. You also need to keep going back until it is sorted. Your GP will assume things are better if you don't go back. Give the rash time to develop before you go, they need something to test. It won't be easy but it is the only way. Good luck


Dapsone is used to treat DH.

It's not a "smartie" drug but a dangerous drug which for me initially meant weekly blood tests.

3 years down the line I still have to take 100mg daily.

If you think you have DH you really need skin biopsies for diagnosis.


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