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Salted peanuts???

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Should I eat salted peanuts?

I went out last night and there were salted peanuts around , and I felt I was missing out! I usually find it easy to refuse nibbles but …

Are they safe? Or was I right to avoid them?

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I don't buy salted peanuts (although I do buy mixed nuts & raisins), but have seen some posts re nuts in general & cross contamination on here.

Your post did make me chuckle a bit........ it reminded me that there has been the odd news article revealing the horrid things they find in peanuts in bars when analysed, or where people dip their hands in food. So, I'm guessing that cross-contamination for gluten is likely. I think you were very wise to avoid.

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Whydothis in reply to nellie237

Thank you - by putting me off them you are keeping me safe!

I agree with Nellie. I have the same issue with prepacked salted cashews which I love but I've only found Tesco not to mention possible cross contamination from manufacturer and I'm OK with their brand.

I have been OK with these too.

So only if I have bought them, not if they are put out as”drink more “ nibbles! ☹️

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BabsyWabsy in reply to Whydothis

Yes. Too risky to share with a room full of people. Many of whom may not have bothered to wash their hands...

Someone recently asked if I ate peanuts due to the problems with mould and toxins!??? This was a conversation I had during my autoimmune illness journey. I did some reading but it would need someone with a much more analytical brain to explain if we should be concerned about eating peanuts. There is however information mentioning Alfatoxins, fungi and mould. Who knew ? Not me .

However I haven't eaten any peanuts since and I loved peanut butter


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Whydothis in reply to Divine1990

I have never worried about all those "extra" things to worry about - I have always thought of talk of "toxins" as a bit faddy! (rightly or wrongly!)It is the risk of gluten from any flavourings or additives I am concerned about, and now, of course, people have raised the additional concern of gluten on other people's fingers!

I will continue to eat raw peanuts and good, natural, brands of

peanut butter, and be very cautious about any that have been roasted or prepared in any way

I’d avoid Whydothis,

Where have people’s hands been ? That’s even before we get onto gluten

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Never trust anyone!

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