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GERD diet help

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I don't know if anyone out here also has GERD, but I'll try. I am looking for condiments WITHOUT vinegar as a main ingredient, sine GERD people are not supposed to use that. It exists in mayo, ketchup AND mustard, as well as most salad dressings. I am going crazy trying to find substitutes for these items. Can anyone help me ? Thanks to all who comment.

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Could you make your own dressings without the vinegar - olive oil and lemon juice splashed on veg and salads like the Greeks do is both healthy and delicious !

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PatMAZ in reply to Marz

Olive oil is fine. Lemons, NG.

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Marz in reply to PatMAZ

Limes ?

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PatMAZ in reply to Marz

No, citric acid is just as harmful as vinegar. I miss my citrus so much ! Also tomatoes are NG. Thanks for the thought.

Google Nomato Sauce il of tomato sauce. It’s easy to make and great.

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