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Depression after glutening

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hi there - anyone relate to the above? Increasingly when I get glutened I seem to really struggle mentally for a period after the gastro symptoms have eased. I appear to be pretty sensitive to gluten and am generally fine so long as I only eat food we've prepared from scratch at home. I'm coeliac, diagnosed 5 years ago after decades of symptoms.

We had a wedding to attend at the weekend, i let my guard down and was convinced by the caterer I would be safe, and you can guess the rest.

However the last few times this has happened I seem to hit a really tough patch mentally afterwards - struggling to find the joy in life, exhausted, irritable etc etc - properly down. It really is like a black cloud has descended while I know logically I'm lucky enough to have a generally lovely life (normal good and bad bits etc). Seems to last a good few days, up to a week.

Anyone relate? Just after some reassurance really X

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Coeliac causes inflammation, inflammation effects the brain and vis a vis will effect mood. I also believe part of the mood issue is down to the repeat despair of being glutened by people who convince you their food is safe for you and the isolation of your world becoming a smaller and smaller place. Depression is a medically recognised symptom of coeliac (by coeliac groups/researchers, but unlikely your GP or gastro will be on top of that). Have you complained to the caterer or reported them on to your local authority for making you ill?

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Tillyxx in reply to Benjamin123

thanks Benjamin - i think you are right it's probably a combination of chemical and social. I hate the social implications so much more than any food restrictions. I haven't complained but know I should - will need to track down the happy couple and get details of the caterers and i know they will be gutted (and not sure they will want to hear about my bowels on their honeymoon 🤣). Also (call me a softy) the caterers were so very concerned to be careful but it's never EVER careful enough in a small domestic kitchen setting, I do know that. But one glass of wine and all my sensible plans went out of the window. I even had my own food in a coolbox in the car ffs. Hey ho, I do hope I will learn this time...

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Benjamin123 in reply to Tillyxx

That's all the more awkward when they have been so nice in assuring you they could cater for you. Unfortunately a lot of well meaning kind people get it wrong also. It's just so specific a situation to get right, and cross-contamination so easy. I admire the fact you brought your own food. I think it's better for caterers and restaurants to be up front about their limited catering space in kitchens rather than try to be everything to everyone and make people ill. I find it just crazy that gluten seems to be in everything everywhere - it's a bloody cruel joke.

Absolutely! I get depression and mood swings - fly off the handle at nothing/ burst into tears over nothing. Our insides definitely wreak havoc with our emotions. My reactions can last 3 weeks... you are not alone! Take care.

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Tillyxx in reply to Lexy

Thanks lexy X

Yes! For me it is more the social aspects and the disappointment after the sort of incident you describe, rather than the actual physical effects (as far as it’s possible to separate them).

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Tillyxx in reply to Whydothis

I do agree it is so very disappointing :(. I'm astonished that I seem to be eternally optimistic that "oh it will be ok", when literally 99.9% of times it simply isn't ok at all. What's THAT about? This time I'm determined not to do it again. Watch this space...

It was very odd though - this time it really felt chemical rather than just "fed up" - like i literally couldn't pull myself out of it. It's lifted now (a week since the wedding), feel normal now.

Hi Tillyxx,

I am sorry to read, I hope you feel better soon. I was very late getting diagnosed. Within the last 2 years and up until recently any cross contamination would cause lady time as well as gastro symptoms. So, my iron stores would drop and I’d feel utterly exhausted.

I’ve felt angry (not in my nature) like Lexy when my gut has been attacked, that can happen within a few hours. I’ve been depressed as I’m struggling to get out of bed, my joints hurt and staggering around like a drunk thing. Like Benjamin123 said inflammation of both the brain and gut occur. So, due to the gut brain axis (it’s a thing, feel free to google) problems with our moods occur.

Professor Marios Hadjivassiliou is the lead neurologist in the U.K. on gluten related issues as it can have severe impact on our brains.

Best wishes

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