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How long til symptoms of glutening?


I was diagnosed coeliac approx 3 years ago and with bile acid malabsorption a year ago which is pretty well controlled with meds. However every now and again I get really unwell with diarrhoea and exhaustion, normally lasting about 3 days. I’ve assumed just a BAM episode not controlled by the drugs but have noticed, rather weirdly, I can nearly always tie it in with eating away from home a couple of days before (I’m very careful, but nothing away from home is 100% is it?).

Could a glutening take 2 days to show?? Sounds really unlikely to me, but it’s so consistent. I’m almost tempted to try a controlled experiment 🤣. Don’t worry, I won’t!

Any other coeliacs get delayed reactions?

Tia xx

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I tend to feel the effects within hours. Or sometimes first thing the next morning. So I just don’t know but eating away from home is always such a gamble that I can understand why you think it might be linked. Sorry not to be more help

Hi Tilly,

Like Starjump i normally experience pain and diarrhoea first thing next morning if glutened when eating out. Occasionally, I have an attack which I cant relate to anything. It's a strange condition which most people dont understand 🙂

Hi Tilly

It does seem a long time for an effect to show, but perhaps your additional health complications may affect this (?)

I’ve only had a few episodes of being glutened and the effects were not all the same. Major digestive effects were about 8 hours after ingestion but brain fog came on earlier.

Could there be any other food/drink that might be a problem?

We react differently to our toxins. Your delay might be how long your digestive system takes to process food. Usually we react within minutes

thanks all. I don't think it's other foods as I did an extremely restrictive exclusion diet with an NHS dietitian as part of the road to the BAM diagnosis. She concluded I had no food intolerances at all (other than the autoimmune coeliac obviously). It's just really odd - I suppose I'm desperately trying to find some logic to it, when I suspect that BAM is just a bit of a law unto itself (as is coeliac frankly). I'm SO much better than I was a few years ago but these episodes (i guess a few times a year) make me unconfident to plan anything.

Not that we can do much planning these days anyway ;)

thanks again all X

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Hi Tilly

I do hope that you will be able to plan an outing at some point.

If you haven’t already, perhaps have a read around diets like the Autoimmune Protocol, or Low Fodmaps just in case anything “rings a bell”.

I spent years trying to cure my constipation with high fibre foods, turned out to be a bad idea for me!

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thanks Penel. I'm always more neurotic (for want of a better word) when I'm having a flare up. Most of the time life is SO much better than it was a few years ago, and I think I probably need to just accept that sometimes, for no reason, it's less manageable. Fodmaps had no effect sadly, but I will look into the autoimmune protocol as I've also got hashimotos and that's another story.... thank you!

I feel for you on the high fibre, that is DEFINITELY something my BAM doesn't like (though sadly I do - having to ration my intake of dal does seem cruel!) X

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