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Gluten / wheat flare up


What’s the longest flare up people have had from wheat intolerance / gluten intolerance ? ??

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It really depends on the individual. I get eczema that takes a couple of months to fully heal, I know a coeliac who takes 3 weeks to feel right again, but I have a friend who is only I'll for about 24 hours.

I know that doesn't help much, but you really just need to find out how long you take, and measure against your own yard stick.

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Thanks last time I had flare up it lasted 2/3 weeks this time taking longer feels like there’s inflammation or something when I bend over o can feel it below right rib cage more annoying than anything and verry bloated

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I don't get digestive symptoms from gluten, so I can't help too much, however there are a few things you can do. First off, there are digestive enzymes you can take before consuming gluten (or if you're worried about cross contamination), for example Eat Enjoy do one.

I've heard people benefit from CBD drops to help calm their stomach, it should shorten the length of time you suffer.

I get quite a bad stomach if I have dairy, and I find digestive bitters really help to calm it retrospectively. Obviously gluten and lactose are very different, but bitters are very good for your digestion anyway, so worth a shot. I use Yarrow drops, it cost around £10 for the bottle but you use a very small amount so it does last.

If your stomach is painful for 3 weeks, then you should call your GP as they may need to feel your stomach for anything untoward. Not sure how they'd deal with that right now, but definitely ring them.

I don’t really get stomach problems. I get muscle and nerve pain, tingling extremities and a headache. I’m also really tired. It’s sort of a fibromyalgia type pain I’d say. It usually wipes me out for 2 days.

My coeliac gives me skin problems (Dermatitis Herpetiformis), but my son is the same as you, he was off work for 3 weeks once when he was glutened, he also gets back ache because the coeliac affects his kidneys, he was 50 when he was diagnosed and a lot of damage had been done by then. People should not ignore Coeliacs Disease it is serious. Hope you are feeling well soon, don't take too much to try and stop the runs, it needs to come away and your body can then heal it's self. Take care.

Hi, I get inflammation of the spine after gluten, takes a week to get back to normal. I used to think my kidneys were dodgy as I was in constant pain as I had gluten most days. I also became very lactose intolerant due to damage of my ileum, not knowing that it was gluten. It also affected my ability to absorb b12. So now I am off gluten, I'm great with milk and cheese etc. And have b12 injection every few days.

Because I was not diagnosed with Celiac until 2011 and DH in 2017, my DH flair ups were ongoing for 40 years. Now, I have managed to get them better under control.

I think the thing to remember is that the long term damage caused by having an occasional gluten episode is potentially much more serious than the discomfort, however horrible, caused at the time of the flare-up. I have secondary lactose intolerance as a result of the small intestine damage, and I have been told that it will take 12 months from the last time I had any cross-contamination, even if I was not aware of it, to heal up enough to go back to real milk. This showed me how serious cross contamination is, and how careful I need to be.

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