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Odd symptoms??


Hi everyone I am not coeliac as I’ve not been tested yet, however I do know I have an intolerance, but Im just wondering if anyone has had jelly after emptying your bowels or a leakage of old blood by itself, symptoms, due to coeliac or an intolerance ?

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Hi Pollyanna,

Those are not any symptoms of Coeliac disease that I’ve ever come across before.

I would consider making an appointment with your doctor to get the symptoms properly assessed.

Good luck.

Ok thanks

If it happens again I will, but Im keepingaway at the mo

Thanks again

I tend to get a lot of mucus when passing stool but not blood. I’ve mentioned it to my gastroenterologist and she didn’t seem concerned, though I’m not sure exactly why it happens.

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Hi thanks for your reply, I find the mucus very bazaar but And wonder what makes it. The other just happened when I was out on a little walk,

Not the best timing.

I will sort it if I get through this Coronavirus epidemic.

Keep well

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You too x

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