Gluten Free Guerrillas

As food is our biggest problem have you every had to complain? and what result did you get?

I had a meal in my local ASDA cafe and had very good reason to complain, after a month nothing so wrote again enclosing a copy of previous letter and gave it to the store security for the store manager, I also e-mailed their customer services.....what a waste of time after three months nothing.

It has now improved but a store managers ignorance to a complaint is poor customer service and damages their company.

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I complained to M&S about gluten in their cola and had a very nice reply. I've also found Sainsbury's to be very helpful about gluten and non-gluten enquiries. Unfortunately, I think that Asda (as part of the Walmart group) focuses more on prices than customer service.


I complained to a local coeliac-friendly restaurant here in Leicestershire for adding gluten to a seemingly innocent pavlova and they were BESIDE themselves! We went there specially for my grandparents 60th wedding anniversary because they could cater for me and I was so excited. It was a real disappointment. To their credit, they rang my mum and apologised personally, and sent a voucher for a free meal for 2, but I haven't eaten out since.

I am, unfortunately, one of those people who would generally rather go without than make a fuss, but when I do make the leap, I will complain if it goes wrong.

I have, in other instances, complained to Warburtons about their crap bread, and Tesco constantly replace my GF products with non-GF substitues despite instructions otherwise and both times, I have received refunds and compensation, but I'm not after a pay off, I just don't want it to happen again, to me or anyone else!


@Tony61 I rather think that the poor customer service is throughout the store not just at the Cafe. Is it a concession or part of the store? You also have to bear inmind that they are employing unskilled people on the lowest of monies. I had to sidestep complaining locally and went to the head office of a store. I didn't get a response that satisfied me but at least I got a response.


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