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Higher childhood intake of Gluten increases coeliac risk

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Just had this article shared with me, which I thought I'd pass on:


I think this could be important for those with children, who will have a heightened risk of developing coeliac disease.

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Hi Cooper

I guess it’s another piece of the jigsaw.

If I’d been diagnosed before having children, or when they were young, they would probably have had very little exposure to gluten as I would have cooked everything gluten free.

I wonder if the parents of the children in the study were told that their child had the gene associated with coeliac disease? I’m guessing they weren’t or the obvious temptation would have been to remove all gluten from their diet... and of course you can’t get an accurate biopsy result if you do that. Horrible Catch 22 situation.

Perhaps a good option is for everyone to cut down on gluten consumption, but that’s never going to happen.


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