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Advice re going Gluten Free.

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I am hypothyroid, not officially diagnosed with hashi's but antibodies just under top the range.

I went gluten free last year for three months to see if would help my hypo. symptoms.

In those three months I had three really bad episodes of vomiting, diarrhea and severe lower tummy pains, which came on suddenly, and lasted a few hours.

The first episode happened two weeks after going GF, then two weeks after the first, it happened again and the third episode six weeks after the second.

The first time I thought it was the nova virus, second time, I thought it could be that again, as I have read you can get it twice, but the third time I thought surely not, I could not have got the virus a third time. The third time I even passed some blood.

Now as this all happened since going GF I panicked and stopped the GF so went back to eat it again.

I have not had the episodes since.

I really want to try GF again as I have started getting eczema and hives and want to see if GF will help ease them.

I did wonder if the tummy episodes were because I had been glutened. I know the third time I think I was, as I drank a hot chocolate in a café about an hour or two before the tummy episode. I did not realise hot chocolate contained gluten.

Could these tummy episodes have been from been glutened, because if it was, then it was a very severe reaction.

My thought is though if it were then, why did I not have an episode when I went back to eating gluten.

Any advice would be really appreciated.

Thank you.

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My personal opinion is it sounds more likely to be milk products causing the hives.

If it were gluten you would have been getting it all the time you were/are on normal foods. Not when you were on gf things unless it was something in the food causing it.

Can only suggest if you want to go gf again to keep a strict food diary to try and pin the culprit down.

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Cooper27 in reply to Lisahelen

I just wanted to add to this - it can take 3 days to have a reaction after you eat something you're intolerant to, so if you get another episode, look at the prior 3 days of the food diary and compare every time.

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lucylocks in reply to Cooper27

Thank you Cooper27,

I did not realise it could take up to three days for a reaction to occur.

yes I will keep a food diary this time.

thank you.

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lucylocks in reply to Lisahelen

Thank you Lisahelen,

interesting about milk products causing hives. I do use milk in tea all the time and have cheese maybe once a week. The hives seem to occur for no reason, I cannot find one particular thing that cause them. I will keep a check on the milk products though.

Agree you would have thought I would have had the tummy episodes when eating gluten all the time.

I read some people react to E464 Hydroxypropylmethylcellulose which is in a lot of GF bread, but then again I had been eating this almost daily when GF.

thank you.

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Penel in reply to lucylocks

If you try going gf again, it is a good idea to avoid ready-made gf foods as much as possible. There are several additives that can upset your insides. Perhaps have a look at gf bread recipes or make yourself pancakes/ flatbreads from gf flour.

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lucylocks in reply to Penel

Thank you Penel,

I really only ate the GF bread and pasta. I did eat a GF Yorkshire pudding and it gave me shocking wind so I never had that again.

I think I will have a go at making some bread etc.

Thank you.

Have u thought it mayb milk or dairy? My gastro told me alot of people seem to have both one can commonly come with other.

I am both. I went gluten and dairy( i stick to soya) free about a year ago fully and it helped lot but urgh when u get “ gluted “ it nasty!!

I was yesterday first time in year! I feel utterly awful since couldnt even go to work.

It makes me think it milk as u had a hot choc there alot of dairy there....

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lucylocks in reply to Lulububs

Hi Lulububs,

I do have milk and like the odd bar of chocolate and I am usually O.K. with regards tummy troubles.

It was only when going GF I had the three tummy episodes.

I will keep a food diary when trying GF this time,

Thank you.

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