Best luxury GF pizza please - supermarket ideally


I used to love the chilled sainsburys taste the difference posh salami £5 pizzas for a treat.

Now I'm GF what do people rate as best pizza?

Dr oeteker gf is ok but I can only find mozzarella. Dominoes is ok but expensive and only comes in one size.

I'm dieting post Xmas but would really like something tasty whilst my partner scoffs a really delicious pizza!

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  • Personally i like the goodfellas ones, in many shops. You can add bits and pieces to any pizza to give it the personal touch, ie sliced mushroom peppers onion whatever takes your fancy and you will more than likely find your oh will steal some of yours😛

  • Lisahelen is that in the chilled or frozen please? Thanks I've not seen goodfellas GF before.

  • Sorry for the tardy reply. Ive always found them in asda but believe i have seen them in tesco and morrisons too. They are frozen. I lso think they are better cooked from slightly defrosted rather than straight out of the freezer

  • Ihave tried many since being gf and soya free and my personal fav is goodfellas.

    I dont trust dominoes as a lot of youngsters work in our local one and i think they are not educated enough on cross contamination!! I was quite poorly after being poisoned with gluten a couple of months back.😊

  • Yeah, we met a few coeliac's who said they've been glutened by dominos/pizza hut, even though they are coeliac UK approved! One guy did tell me he finds them ok if you go in when the first open though - they've just cleaned everything & are not too busy to do things properly.

  • Never again, i just think many places are not educated enough- i went into subway a few weeks ago and the guy in there made me a takeaway cup of tea and he had been handling the bread rolls and making sandwhiches and put his hands all around the rim of the cup, i refused to drink it!!

  • Oh firgot to say 2nd to goodfellas i found morrisons own brand really nice aswell. Chilled.

  • Another vote here for Goodfellas and Morrisons.

    But if I have the time, the best pizza is the one I make from the recipe on the back of the Doves Farm gluten free bread flour packet. Extremely easy to make & very popular even with the non-GF diners!

  • Hi there im not much of a cook but ive heard alot about dovefarm flour, is that rice flour then? I think i should invest.😊

  • It's a mix of flours including rice flour (I've not got a packet in and I can't remember exactly). But you really don't need to be much of a cook, it's very easy and the instructions are good. You just have to plan a couple of hours ahead so maybe best saved for non-working days.

  • It's a mix of 5 flours - potato, rice, i don't remember the others. The self raising has xantham gum & baking powder already added for you as well.

    They have lots of recipes on their website ( that are mostly soya and dairy free too. I've tried a few cakes that were lovely - my work colleagues could barely tell the difference.

  • Thankyou cooper27 im going to get some, people are so funny arent they as if you tell them they are gf free they either dont want any or they dont like it!! Same as my daughter if i get a gf cake she complains of it not tasting right. More for me then.😊

  • Morrison's do have some good brands. And I think we got a nice fresh pizza from Sainsbury's once. Fresh pizzas can often be frozen if you need to.

    There are 2 branches of Morrison's, Giffnock and Guisley, where they actually have a dedicated gluten free pizza counter, where you can get a pizza made to order - useful if you live near either of them.

  • Ooh, that's interesting. I must try the Morrison's Guiseley store as I live near Leeds. Thanks for that bit of info Cooper 27. Goodfellas and Morrisons own label GF pizzas are good, and not as expensive as some of the mainstream brands. I usually add stuff like mushrooms, chillies and a bit more cheese.

    Dominos is good, but GF only comes in 8.5 inch size. Was worried about having this at my team Christmas lunch, but it was fine, and really quite a treat.


  • I quite like the ASDA pepperoni GF pizzas. They're not frozen and they recommend that you don't freeze them either so I think the dough comes out a bit less like cardboard than some of the others around. Add some granted parmesan and black pepper and..........well you'll still be able to tell the difference but the gulf is not quite as wide!

  • Goodfellas gluten free Margherita, available in most supermarkets, eat as it is or add extra toppings of your choice . My non GF family prefer this to the regular pizzas.

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